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Did you finish the 1st month of 2022 with full force? Yes, we are talking about this year’s most anticipated celebration: Halloween. Halloween 2022 was celebrated with fun and enthusiasm across the United States and abroad on October 31, 2022. You guessed right! There were a lot of turkeys. Besides the delicious dishes, there is something else that lies at the heart of the annual celebration. Halloween costume.

Ent News / Halloween 2022 was celebrated on October 31, 2022 with ‘weird’ costumes and tasty dishes in the US and abroad.

This year’s Halloween was different from the previous ones. Very different, to be honest. Why is that, you ask? Well, for starters, we just came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Really? Are we out of it? Well, although China is still struggling with it, at least we are out of it – at least for now. To add insult to injury, so-called experts expect a looming recession ahead.

That being the case, isn’t it a worthwhile idea to make the most of this year’s Halloween? You bet it is! More often than not, Halloween is spooky and weird. This is what Halloween is known for.

The LA Times / The 2022 Halloween is stranger and spookier than ever – and for all the right reasons!

There were hilarious costumes. People from all walks of life took the opportunity to spread positivity and love. Some even went to the extent of wearing famous costumes. Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, was seen in the dress of the Weeknd. That’s right! Trevor Noah in the costume of The Weeknd.

If you know these two celebs, you can see that they are very identical. Look at them and you’ll wonder if they’re twins. So Trevor Noah was seen in downtown LA in the costumes of The Weeknd. “I’ve been called The Weeknd more than I’ve ever been called Trevor,” the comedian recalls.

If you’re looking to spook your Halloween and take it to a whole new level, we’ve got your back. We’ve rounded up the 10 most amazing celebrity Halloween costumes. As you read on, keep in mind that these Halloween costumes are trending in 2022. You should make TikTok videos wearing them. Orm took to the streets in the city center to surprise the common people.

Entertainment Reporter / Hit the streets with these famous Halloween costumes to shock your neighbors.

As you wear these celebrity Halloween costumes, you will look exactly like these celebs. Not to mention, you’ll also ‘feel’ like them, at least for the moment.

10 Famous Halloween Costumes in 2022

Here are 10 famous costumes that were commonly used at this year’s mega celebration. Try this at least once!

From Cardi B and Arianna Grande to Jade Thirlwall, here are 10 great celebrity Halloween costumes in 2022:

  1. cardi b
  2. Jojo Siwa
  3. Trevor Noah
  4. Megan Fox
  5. Sean Diddy
  6. Paris Hilton
  7. Ariana Grande
  8. Winnie Harlow
  9. Jade Thirlwall
  10. Jennifer Hudson

Of course, you can add some spice to your Halloween if you choose the legendary Joaquin Phoenix Halloween costumes.

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