4 Books That Helped 100 Millionaires Build Enormous Wealth

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One of the things that most millionaires have in common is reading books. Millionaires read a lot. A LinkedIn Gallup poll shows that 95% of millionaires consider reading to be the most important part of their success. “Reading broadens your perspective,” says Simon Sinek, author of the popular book Start Why.

Given this inevitability in determining their success in reading, The Insider interviewed 100 millionaires. The interview aimed to separate two things. First of all, do those millionaires read books? Second, what books helped them to build up their vast wealth?

Pixabay / Pexels / “The reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” George R. In March

The first answer was a resounding “absolutely yes.” But the second part was explanatory. Here are the 4 books that helped 100 millionaires build a huge fortune.

  • Rich dad Poor dad By Robert Kiosaki

The most quoted book among the 100 millionaires was none other than Kiosaki’s book. Rich dad Poor dad. Published in 1997, the book artistically defends financial literacy. The book also urges you to invest in real estate and become a self-employed entrepreneur.

Through an artistic touch, Kiyosaki urges his readers to be financially independent from an early age. Similarly, the book presents the inevitability of becoming financially savvy in order to develop enormous wealth while at the same time discouraging the “rat race” trap.

Kobo / Rich dad Poor dad tells the stories of two fathers, one poor and the other rich.
  • Transform your relationship with money By Joseph Dominguez

Joseph Transform your relationship with money He was one of the favorites of these 100 millionaires. Originally published in 1992, the book is available in three editions. The book essentially aims to force the readers to equip the readers with the functionality of money.

The book suggests that only 10% of the world’s population knows how to manage money. And those who do, build enormous wealth.

  • The Amazing Secrets of America’s Wealth. the millionaire in the neighborhood By Thomas Stanley

Thomas Stanley The millionaire next door was another favorite book of these 100 millionaires. The Insider reports that 45% of those 100 millionaires named Stanley’s masterpiece as an ambassador for their success.

Good readers / The millionaire next door gives a unique formula to find out your net worth.

This 1997 classic book analyzes different millionaires in the United States to see how they differ from ordinary people. Similarly, Stanley calls millionaires “UAWS” and ordinary people “PAWS”. The book, based on research, provides a visual insight into what it takes to be a millionaire.

  • Automatic millionaire By David Bach

20% of millionaires surveyed labeled David Automatic millionaire as a roadmap to their success. The New York Times bestseller provides a step-by-step guide to becoming a millionaire. Similarly, it aims to give a number of instructions, even to the worst money managers, to create huge net worth.


Reading books is the most common factor for every millionaire. The above report by The Insider shows that 99 out of 100 millionaires consider reading to be the key to their success.

From Kiyosaki’s Rich, Dad Poor Dad to Stanley’s “Millionaire Side,” these books changed the financial situation of 100 millionaires. These 4 books can also change your life. Read them եղ witness the transformation of your life like never before.

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