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Sometimes it can seem like everything in your life is going wrong, including employment, personal relationships, and physical and mental health. You are sad because you are not realizing your potential or achieving your ambitions. Above all, be aware that you are not alone; this happens to everyone. Additionally, remember that you have the power to change the course of your life. You are capable of improving yourself. It will take a lot of effort, courage and daring, but if you persevere and believe in yourself, you will succeed in your endeavors and become the best version of yourself. Here are some healthy routines to adopt in the new year that will help you reach your goals even when it’s hard to keep going:

Stop sacrificing what you want most for what you want right now

Instead of spending more time working on a project that requires attention, going to the gym, making dinner at home, etc., it would be nice to relax, watch a movie or series, meet a friend for dinner, etc. Instant gratification is tempting and pleasant, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of long-term goals, especially those that will help you improve your self-confidence and get you closer to your goals. Stop exchanging real pleasure that will offer you constant and lasting happiness for fleeting, temporary joy that will quickly disappear and prolong your misery.

Stop making excuses

You will undoubtedly come across an explanation or justification if you seek not to act morally. Understanding how you support your bad behavior is a key part of accepting responsibility for your life and reflecting on how you got there. This is usually done with excuses like “I’m tired”, “I don’t have time”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, etc. Stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for your life and your work. Happiness is a choice that requires effort, like everything else. So stop making excuses and get out of the way.

Stop taking things personally

Unless you’ve done something to deserve a response, chances are when someone comments, offers unsolicited advice, or treats you rudely, the comment says more about the person than it does about you. Don’t let others put you down or define you when they are not close to you. Keep your forward momentum, expand it, and resist letting other people bring you down. Not only should you stay focused, but what they said is probably untrue and irrelevant, and most importantly, it wasn’t really about you.


Change into new clothes and go exercise if you need to feel better now. Endorphins make you happy, relieve tension and help with mental clarity. Get some perspective by practicing first and then coming back to the topic. Your emotions will likely be more stable, your mind sharper, and your anxiety level lower than before after exercising. So, if you’re panicking and feeling overwhelmed by whatever you’re facing, try to see if you can get some practice in before making a decision. You will arrive at a judgment that is less emotional and more based on logic than emotion.

Eliminate distractions

Start trying to track and change these habits if you find yourself spending a lot of time looking at multiple devices, frequently checking social media, or using your phone aimlessly. Whatever your primary source of inefficiency is, learn to control it to become more efficient and stop wasting time.

Stop playing the victim

You have some control over your life at all times; you are not a victim of every whim and situation. Whether you can change your circumstances depends on how you use that control. Stop avoiding taking responsibility for your life; The sooner you do this and stop blaming others, the more autonomy you will have, the sooner you will start doing work and the sooner you will progress.

Face the fear

Every person who has achieved great success has experienced failure, sometimes of enormous, humiliating proportions. Stop being afraid of putting in the effort and failure because no one who is successful will ever judge you for it. Only those who have never let themselves down will ever judge you, mostly because they made incredibly safe decisions. Face your worries, stop being afraid of failure and start with the task at hand. By putting in the effort, you develop courage and start moving in the direction of becoming your best self.

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