7 of the most expensive Michelin Star restaurants in the world

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Eating at Michelin-starred restaurants is often very expensive, and many times these restaurants top the list of the most expensive in the world. So how expensive are they?

Bliss in Spain

International Food Magazine Chef’s pencil Has compiled a list of the most expensive Michelin star restaurants in the world. Pricing is based on the full-flavored menu the restaurant offers, which typically includes 8 to 12 courses for one dinner.

Chef’s pencil Research on more than 500 Michelin Star restaurants around the world has found that most of them can be found in Asia, especially in Japan, which has five of the top 15 most expensive restaurants in the world. It is the only country to have multiple restaurants in the top 15 list.

The world’s number one most expensive Michelin Star restaurant is Sublimation, located in Ibiza, Spain. The price of the testing menu there is $ 1740 per person. The main attraction of the sublimation is that it provides diners with a hybrid-realistic experience in which a cyber chef prepares food in front of each guest.

Ultraviolet in Shanghai

Ultraviolet in Shanghai

The second most expensive Michelin Star restaurant in the world is located in Shanghai and is called Ultraviolet. The restaurant also uses visual technology in its dining experience.

The full testing menu costs 1422 per person. The menu serves Asian and Western fusion dishes, such as moon cakes made with traditional French ingredients. There are also moving pictures on the wall to complete the environment.

The top three include Kicho Arashiyama Honten in Kyoto, Japan. The testing menu there costs 910 per guest. It gets a nice Japanese meal with a view of their beautiful Japanese garden.

Kicho used to be Arashiyama

Kicho used to be Arashiyama

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