7 Ridiculous Fad Diets To Avoid At All Costs

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Looking good is a common goal for many people. But it’s easy to fall victim to diet trends and fads. Losing weight or changing your physique takes discipline, but you need to find what works for you and your body in particular. Extreme diets may give you quick results, but they usually don’t have a lasting effect. Fad diets and crash diets stress the body and sometimes cause you to gain back more weight than when you started. Some diets, in particular, are simply not a good option when you are trying to make healthy changes to your physique. Do yourself and your body a favor and check out these 7 trendy diets to avoid at all costs.

With the baby diet, the idea is to eat only baby food every day. Up to 14 jars of baby food are allowed per day, which is far too little for an adult. Baby food itself is not formulated to contain enough food for adult needs, as babies do not need as much protein and nutrients as adults. The higher metabolism of fully formed humans quickly burns off pureed food. In addition, the act of chewing food secretes nutrients from our meals that might otherwise remain unavailable to our bodies. Operating on a nutrient and food volume deficit through baby food virtually guarantees that your body will regain weight once you return to a normal diet.

This diet is not only ridiculous but also very harmful to your body. People on this diet replace meals with energy drinks, thinking that the added caffeine and junk will suppress the appetite. Although appetite may be reduced, your body will need real nutrients during this diet. Your body will then go into survival mode, which will force it to store as much fat as possible, which means you will end up gaining weight in the long run. Overall, this diet will cause you to gain weight, slow down your metabolism, and put you at risk of developing adrenal fatigue.

The apple cider vinegar diet is actually a classic diet, but it is still as dangerous as it has always been. This diet method is actually effective in helping you lose weight. It is the byproduct that makes it unhealthy. The diet works by drinking one to three tablespoons of vinegar with or before each meal. The vinegar slows down insulin resistance and reduces blood sugar levels, which promotes weight loss. But this excessive consumption of vinegar can make the stomach and digestive tract very acidic, and dangerously burn the throat.

The cabbage soup diet has also stood the test of time so far. It consists of eating a vegetable soup for two weeks, with cabbage as the main ingredient. This diet deprives the body of protein, fat and nutrients, and only slows down the metabolism. A slowed metabolism is the last thing you want when you are trying to lose weight. Many people adopt the vegan lifestyle and eat only vegetables, but this must be supplemented with intentional planning to ensure adequate protein and fat intake.

The cookie diet sounds like fun, right? Who wouldn’t want to eat cookies for weeks on end and still lose weight? This diet consists of eating only cookies at meals, which can in no way provide lasting results in terms of weight loss. Consuming only processed and highly chemically processed foods like cookies at every meal is not good for your overall health and will surely lead to nutrient deficiencies. It also causes your brain to become potentially addicted to processed and artificially sweetened foods.

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