A Look at Kate Middleton’s Beautiful Homes across U.K.

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The royal family owns the largest property on the British Peninsula. Some of these properties, castles, and estates have remained in the family for over a thousand years. It is no secret that the current owner of all this property is the current Queen Elizabeth. But given the Queen’s fragile health, it may not be long before the estate is transferred to the next legal heir, Prince William, and his wife, the future Queen Kate Middleton.

In addition to the official estates belonging to the crown, the family also owns a number of private properties owned by Queen Elizabeth’s adult children and grandchildren.

Mike / Pexels Many British castles now have a modern twist on their architecture

Immortal salon

As a wedding gift to Kate և William, Queen Elizabeth presented Anmer Hall to the couple in 2011. This beautiful house is located in Norfolk, England and was built in 1802. There have been many renovations over the years, but not all. they have preserved the rustic appearance of the house.

Originally bought by Prince Edward, the house was soon annexed to Sandringham Estate. But a house with a huge forest cover still has a lot of privacy, even if it is inside the area.

The duke and duchess have now used the property as personal property to live with their children since 2015.

David Jakab / Pexels |: Even after many renovations, the castle has not lost its medieval spirit

Bucklebury Manor:

The Bucklebury Manor is located in Bucklebury Village, Middleton’s ancestral home. After the marriage, when Kate had to move to Buckingham Palace, the house was taken over by her parents, who now live there. The house is steeped in history and has a history of more than 200 years.

Nevertheless, the house has indeed undergone some costly renovations over the years. The thorough modernization of the house has not changed its originality, most of the original structures of which are still in place.

Oak Acre:

This is the house where Kate spent most of her adolescence, when the family moved home when Kate was just 13 years old. The beautifully preserved house overlooks the lush gardens and the almost one and a half acre open spaces surrounding the house. The house is famous for the incident when Prince William landed by helicopter in the backyard of the house, a fact that was revealed in a wedding speech at the royal wedding.

Pixabay / Pexels |: Open Acre looks like a perfect fairytale castle

Prior to meeting her prince, Kate lived in an apartment on Old Church Street with her sister, Pippa. The house is by no means the property on which he and his family have lived for years. It is a modest apartment that was used as a temporary shelter during his university years.

But this does not mean that the house is inferior to all luxuries. By average standards, the house will still be classified as a high-end luxury apartment with three floors, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room and a dining room. The property was recently sold for almost 2 million pounds.

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