Alligators Chill In Restaurant Parking Lots

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After the coronavirus, visiting fast food restaurants seems like a blessing. The latest customers, however, were in a bit of trouble at their favorite drive-thru: two alligators decided to relax at the restaurant’s parking lots!

Alligators visit the restaurant

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There are usually no alligators on Wendy’s. But this past Monday, things changed drastically for guests and employees at a Wendy’s in Lehigh Acres, Florida. As the Lee County Sheriff’s Department later explained, a massive alligator was literally chasing “pedestrians through a Wendy’s parking lot.” Thankfully, the employees were top notch and immediately called the authorities. “He may have just been ‘hungry’ for a cheeseburger, but he scared many,” the department said in a statement. After a short struggle, “by the side [the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission] we quarreled over the street tower and moved it safely. “

After rescuing the alligator, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took some measurements. Afterwards, they and those in the fast food car park felt right to feel anxious. It came in at just over 7 feet! Thank goodness, now it lives on an alligator farm and runs its own business. But, believe it or not, soon enough, another street went into another parking lot and posed the same threat!

Two different parking spaces

Alligators fast food parking

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Just a few days later, another alligator decided to visit a restaurant. Who can blame them? They are finally open again! Two days later, at Jucy’s Taco in Henderson, Texas. Thankfully, within an hour, Henderson PD Support Services captain Brian Bathke went to Jucy’s to rescue the alligator. This streets came in at a full eight feet long! Unlike the other, this massive animal simply relaxed in the sun and did not chase anyone. Still, the street certainly prevented many from entering the establishment. “Several of us got to help, and I have to say it was absolutely scary,” Bathke said.

While it remained calm for a while, the alligator tossed and turned when Texas Game Warden Kirk Permenter began to put ropes around it. “If it wasn’t exciting enough, at that time it was when several of us were holding on to it and they were literally stepping on it from the top. And he managed to grab it and do all the little tricks you see. And then we actually used electric tape to safely tape his mouth, says Bathke.Once they sat on the tape, everything became much safer.Even better, no officers or wildlife received any injuries!

To those who live in areas with dangerous wildlife, be careful. Summer often means that they come out for a little sun!

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