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Since the beginning of the pandemic, many restaurants have had an unfortunate fate, and others have succeeded in delivering and picking up options. As a result, Applebee’s drive-through options are expanding in the United States in 2022.

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Applebee’s is a bit behind the trend, but the chain is finally moving away from its original configuration. Today, Applebee drive-throughs are becoming more and more recognized across the country. But that’s not all. Restaurants of all types, from pizzerias to fast food chains, have turned to drive-through window shopping in recent years.

Why did the Applebee upgrade take so long? Well, neither the location of the building nor the logistics are made for that option. Unfortunately, sales initially declined significantly. Soon, the company noticed that pick-up and delivery orders more than doubled, even when the cafeteria was reopened. Applebee received 27% of total sales through pickup trucks in 2021. Still, only two have drive-through windows. One is in Texarkana, Texas, and the other is in Monroe, Louisiana.

John Cywinski, president of Applebee, plans to change that. According to his statement, they will open up to 15 Applebee drive-through locations in the United States. However, it does not become the normal drive-through window that other fast food chains have. There are no speakers or menus. The new window is for pre-order only. Customers can order from the restaurant’s website or mobile app. In addition, these drive-through windows assist delivery drivers who don’t have to go inside to receive food. Logically, the process is faster and easier for many employees and consumers.

Is Applebee drive-through a viable option?

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Today, customers have to pay soaring shipping charges. When these costs reach their maximum, the same customer may choose drive-through. However, Cywinski admitted that many consumers aren’t thinking about Applebee when it comes to drive-through. “If you don’t have 1.5 hours to eat and you’re on the go, you’re probably thinking about McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and perhaps burgers, french fries, and pepsi at drive-through,” he said. Said on Investor Day of the Moon.

Sadly, even if it succeeds, not all Applebees have drive-throughs. First of all, the design of the building does not support that idea. Second, you need to have a municipality to support the construction. The franchise owner must also agree to the plan. With the exception of Texas and Louisiana, a new window will open in West Columbia. South Carolina; Colonial Heights, Virginia. Of the 1,600 Apple Ruby restaurants nationwide, it’s quite a few. Cywinski explained that 15 locations are sufficient at first. The company tests the body of water before first jumping into a drive-through business. Later, he will understand if more chains are needed.

Cywinski can’t say how many Applebee drive-throughs will end up in the US, but he wants the best of those plans and personally wants them to work. “I think there’s a really strong debate about that,” Cywinski told CNN Business. “If the business case is clear, we’ll scale up. My instinct says so. There is a real need.”

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