Best Wood Pellets for Smoking Turkey

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Turkey is a delicious bird with juicy meat. It looks especially attractive when served as a whole without being cut into small pieces. In some cultures, the turkey has become so popular that it has essentially become synonymous with festivals and festivities. The dining table would look incomplete if it did not have a turkey on it.

how to cook turkey

One of the best ways to cook a turkey is to smoke over wood, taking about 6 to 7 hours. The glow of burnt wood and the subsequent aroma of turkey are wonderful. The best wood pellet for smoking turkey gives it a delicious flavour.

Cooking turkey using wood is eco-friendly, time-saving and completely organic. It’s perfect for your health, as you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or pesticides mixing with your smoked turkey. Lean turkey meat absorbs the smoke and aroma of wood instantly, making it even more flavorful and juicy.

The best kind of wood

To achieve great taste, the type of wood used to smoke the turkey is really important. Even if you’re an average cook, the wood grains from fruit trees simply enhance the taste of turkey. Never use wood from evergreen trees to smoke a turkey. Wood extracted from evergreen trees such as eucalyptus, deodar, fir, pine, redwood, and fir contain mucilage extracts that can spoil the taste of turkey.

Never use chemically treated, painted, polished, rotted or molded wood to smoke turkey because it releases toxic smoke that is harmful to your health and the environment. Only fruit trees are perfect for smoking turkey.

  1. cherry wood: Cherry is one of the best woods for smoking turkey. It has many similarities with Applewood. Both are light woods and burn slowly. Turns the turkey color into an attractive dark brown.
  2. walnut wood: Hickory is also great for smoking turkey. Its flavor is overwhelming, so be careful while using it, or else you risk turning the turkey bitter.
  3. Maple: Maple is also good for smoking turkey because it produces less smoke, which is ideal for your health, the health of your family, friends and the environment. When combined with heavy woods, maple produces a wonderful taste and flavor in turkey.
  4. Applewood: This is a slow burning wood. It requires a lot of patience, and the fruits of your patience will be the heavenly taste of turkey.
  5. oak wood after: This is a medium sized wood, not very light and slow burning like apple wood.

Expert opinion

According to wood grill experts, from backyard grills to professional restaurant chefs, Traeger Grills are the best product for smoking turkey. It’s a best seller on Amazon and carries five-star customer reviews.


There are many types of wood that you can use to smoke turkey. However, the woods listed above are the best wood pellets for smoking turkey. Each one has its own unique and enticing flavour, which will enhance the taste of your turkey. All products add flavor, are easy to use, and provide great value for your money.

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