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At the time, society did not respect being a woman and asking a man for his hand – the ladies had to be rescued by their knight in shining armor, didn’t they? But what’s the difference when there’s an exchange of roles?

Hailey Lou Richardson and Brett Dyer

Gone are the days when men necessary to bring up the question of the millions of dollars of love in their lives, now even women ask their partners when they think the time is right. Such was the case with Hailey Lou Richardson, the star of Five feet apart, who was very open about how it happened.

The Five Feet Apart star asked the question while eating pizza

Apparently she and her boyfriend, actor Brett Dyer, were just hanging out on the couch eating pizza while he was joking with Shaya LaBeauf when Hailey suddenly asked him if he wanted to marry her. IN Trained the star said yes.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Did you know that singer Britney Spears made a big move on her then-boyfriend Kevin Federline during a flight to New York from Iceland in 2004? Now they have moved away from each other, but they have a funny story to suggest.

Kevin Federline said no at first

So that Toxic Hitmaker asked the wrestler the question, but the man initially said no. Kevin explained that he was used to the idea that men wanted women to marry them, not the other way around, so he finally asked her minutes later.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Let’s face it: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are a match made in heaven. In 2009, Parenting the actor suggested to Frozen the voice actress, however, things did not end immediately in marriage, because they promised to get married only after each sex can.

So when Marriage Protection Act was removed by the Supreme Court in 2013 Veronica Mars the star asked her longtime friend for his hand. Of course, Dax said yes, and they married a few months later.

Pink and Carrie Hart

Pink has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and we’re not just talking about her musical prowess. Who can forget the day she proposed to her current husband, Carrie Hart, in 2005?

Pink’s suggestion was for the books

IN I’m trying the singer certainly knows how to make the announcement big, because during a motocross event the same year her husband competed, Pink used a pit board to ask Kerry to marry her on her last lap. Half a year later, these equally talented people married and now have wonderful children, Willow and Jameson.

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