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A sip of coffee in the morning can give the right start to the day. So choosing the right coffee maker is important for caffeine lovers. Are you going to buy a drip brewer for $ 40 or a full size espresso machine? Let’s find out!

To be completely honest, none of these may satisfy your coffee maker’s wishes. Choosing one depends on several consumer requirements, including the price and brewing speed. “There are so many romantic pieces of coffee that make me come back, but there is also a lot of science and knowledge to be gained,” says Dathan Denton, laboratory technician for the specialty coffee brand Red Fox Coffee Merchants and a former barista. And the first type of machine is a drip coffee maker. One of the most well-known and popular home manufacturers, the drip coffee machine automatically makes the caffeinated beverage the owner. While busy with the usual morning routine, the user has to press a few buttons and continue with their day. In a few minutes the coffee is ready!

As quick and easy as the drip coffee maker is the capsule system for serving based on plastic cartridges of pre-measured coffee grounds (with or without added components for fancy drinks). The owner must pick up the cartridge, put it in the machine and press a button. One cartridge is equivalent to one cup of coffee. Some machines come with one serving, and larger ones take up more space and brew more coffee. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of waste. Every cartridge and even the machine is disposable – eventually the pros will not be able to disassemble it for cleaning.

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Next is a pouring coffee system. The owner of a pour should be keen to learn how to brew coffee as it requires much more time and skill than the drip coffee maker. Although it sounds easy to pour hot water over the coffee grounds in a filter, it has a certain learning curve – you will make mistakes and waste some material at first. All in all, it takes about 15 minutes to make a cup of coffee. In addition, you need a kettle, a grinder, a filter and a mug. That said, there is an easier way to make a pour-over – buy a French press! Denton called it incredible because there is no need to buy any complicated materials. Just pour hot water over the coffee and then pass it through the built-in filter. It will go faster too. The brewing time is about 5-10 minutes in total.

Moka jugs are known to be most effective for dark and strong coffee. Yet they also require some time and attention every morning. Also called hob coffee makers, these are some of the oldest ways to make coffee. First, the owner loads ground coffee into the base and then fills the bottom with water. Fire forces the water to boil out – and tasty coffee is in the moka jug. Denton explains that espresso with a small yield comes from hob manufacturers. The drink does not get sweet at all.

Here’s a tip: Whether you’re buying a drip or a coffee maker, remember that all cafes should be able to grind coffee beans for you. Its free!

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