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Dance is an art form where dancers get a chance to express themselves through body movement. There are many dance styles to choose from that resonate with his personality and life story. However, dance is not only about expression, but also about enjoying the moment and letting the music lead the way. One can try different forms of dance: classical, hip-hop, ballet and many more. As long as one is having fun, one gets the most out of dancing. This art form is also considered a hobby shared by many people around the world.

Rodnae/Pexels | There is a group of dancers who share a love of dance internationally

Meet dancers across borders

DAB, also known as Dancers Across Borders, originally started in Dubai; a place where you will find all kinds of people belonging from all places, always ready to share their culture, stories and ideas. DAB stands for an international platform where people can do what they love without limits in terms of growth, opportunity and talent. For DAB, it is important that people not only learn the art of dance, but also learn dances from around the world. The instructors at Dancers Across Borders come from a variety of dance backgrounds. Hence, one can learn from the best in the game! So not only will you learn a new dance, but a whole new culture that you probably didn’t know about.

For most people, dance is very important because it creates a positive impact and allows them to challenge themselves to learn new things.

Nayana Tharoor

Nayana Tharoor – Artistic Director of Dancers Across Borders – talks about how DAB is helping students. She says it allows one to express oneself without fear while honing one’s dance skills with pride and experiencing the beauty of dance. She started with a vision to teach classical Indian dance students to all who are willing to learn while preserving the cultural heritage. However, DAB continued to develop into something bigger than that. It has now become a safe place for women and students who want to revive their dancing spirit and facilitate them in achieving their dreams.

Konstantin/Pekseli | You are free to be yourself at DAB

Around the world with DAB

Around the World with DAB is an international dance movement that works to train aspiring dancers to travel to their desired location and create dance covers of different styles choreographed by the instructors at DAB dance studio. For many people, it can be the best escape from the hustle and bustle of monotonous life and take some time for the passion of dancing, traveling and much more.

DAB successfully managed to complete 3 seasons and are now planning to launch their 4th season which will be held in Phuket, Thailand.

Tim Gow/Pexley | This season will be their first international destination outside India

After three seasons, they finally became Dancers Across Borders.

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