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If you are someone who takes care of her skin and takes all the protective measures to save your skin, you may find that skin care is very complicated today. Think about it. Social media influencers sharing ‘weird tricks and skin hacks’ and TV commercials offering ‘magic winds’ that wipe away all skin issues “once and for all”. With all this, it comes down to the fact that skin care is not a simple thing. It is rather a complex procedure today. However, if we dive deep into the real essence of skin care, it’s pretty simple. It is the influencers, advertisements and beauty products that have made the process seem complicated.

Gustavo / Pexels / Do not follow any skin care ‘shortcut’ without cross-verifying it.

With that said, rumors and myths will naturally happen. For example, a so-called social media influencer, who shares skin hacks or beauty product shortcuts, knows absolutely nothing about skin care. Why? Because he or she is not a board-certified dermatologist.

With the exception of a few, almost all of the social media influencers are fake and everything they share as “Content” is fake. The same goes for TV commercials. An advertisement that praises a beauty product is far from reality. The actual product and the one shown in the ad differ holistically.

Therefore, if you are a skin care enthusiast, you should be wary of these skin care myths and you should be aware of the so-called influencers. Below are 4 skin care myths that are “absolutely wrong:”

  1. You do not need a moisturizer if you already have oily skin

Pixabay / Pexels / Your skin needs moisturizing at least once a day to stay alive and fresh.

It’s at the top of the list because it’s the most common. The myth goes that if you already have oily skin, you need to moisturize your skin. The so-called logic behind this myth is that a moisturizer is used to make the skin oily. If the skin is already oily, why use it?

“Well, you definitely need a moisturizer, regardless of the stature of your skin,” says California-based dermatologist Annie Chiu. She goes on to argue that there are holes deep inside the skin for oil and gland to come out. To keep them fresh and alive, you need to moisturize your face at least once a day.

2. The meaning of “dermatologist-tested” on beauty products is the dermatologist recommends them

Squishy marketing has always been the history of cosmetics and beauty products. This “Dermatologist-tested” label on beauty products is one of those marketing techniques. The myth says that if a beauty cream has a label of “Dermatologist-tested”, it means that the dermatologist recommends this product.

Suzy / Pexels / Dermatologists do not verify, recommend or recommend ‘any beauty product’. They have a complete procedure for that.

“That’s not true,” says Tina Ashler, a Washington-based dermatologist. She goes on to say: “This brand means that a dermatologist has ONLY reviewed the product. It does not mean she likes it and recommends it to others.”

3. You are Allergic to Your Skin Rash

Skin rash has several reasons. For example, a skin rash may occur due to infection, direct sunlight, eczema or psoriasis. This myth denies all this and says that if your skin is rash, you are prone to allergies – which is absolutely wrong.

4. Rub vitamin on the face heals scars

It is in fact the other way around. Rubbing an abundant amount of vitamin E can make your skin irritating and scratchy.

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