Dolly Parton and Duncan Hines release cake frosting, mix

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Country Legend Dolly Parton is a gift that we continue to give. Now a well-known performer has partnered with food brand Duncan Hines to release a line of Parton-approved cake mixes and frosting flavors. Read on to see how you can pick up these amazing-sounding sweet treats …

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Country singer Dolly Parton may have just celebrated her 76th birthday, but it is she who decides to give the world a gift. On January 26th, the singer of “Jolene” posted a sweet update on her social media channel. “I couldn’t wait to share this sweet surprise,” Parton added a caption to the photo he was burning. “Duncan Hines and I are agitating the love of the South with a limited edition baking collection kit using our favorite flavors of coconut and banana pudding. I can’t wait for everyone to give it a try!” The presentation ended with a cake and a yellow heart emoji.

Of course, fans know that Parton has always loved baking. “I’ve always loved cooking, and growing up in the South, I especially like real moms and pop-like food,” a 76-year-old woman said in a recent interview. “Baking was no exception. Moms, grandmothers and aunts were all great bakeries. They taught me everything I knew, from biscuits and gravy sauces to chocolate cakes.”

As soon as the announcement hit the internet, Parton fans could hardly suppress their excitement …

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American fans said they couldn’t wait to buy it, but others around the world wondered when the Parton-Hines team-up would hit their shores. “”[IT’S] It’s the most exciting, “commented influencer Sara Nicole Laundry, asking when Hines would bring the cake mix to Canada. Similarly, another fan commented, “Tell me you can get these with your beloved dolly in the UK.”

Want to get this delicious collaboration? There is good news and bad news. Bad news? Some quick fans could get a baking kit for $ 40 on the Duncan Hines website, but it sold out within an hour. That is correct! Fortunately, Duncan Hines plans to create another batch of them, and you can sign up for the company’s website for more information on the next release.

Alternatively, you can wait until March when cake mixes and frosting will be available separately at many grocery stores across the country.

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