Food to eat in winter

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Are you always cold? Next, you need to heat from the inside. How does it work? A list of foods that keep you warm in the colder months.

Food to eat in winter


A study published in the English journal Metabolism in 2012 showed that ginger improves the body’s own thermoregulation. The hot substance gingerol stimulates blood circulation, creating a sensation of heat and warmth. But roots can do much more: researchers have found that ginger reduces hunger and has a positive effect on metabolism and the digestive tract. Ginger is also effective against colds, hoarseness and coughing.


Delicious fruits have only positive qualities. Bananas are not only rich in B vitamins, but also provide 10% of the daily requirement for magnesium. Bananas have a high calcium and magnesium content, which promotes blood circulation and increases internal warmth. In addition, the B vitamin content in it ensures that the well-being hormone serotonin reaches the brain faster. This prevents depression and winter fatigue. A true all-round talent for the dark season!


Researchers at the American Heart Association say that avocado fat is composed of unsaturated fatty acids. These low cholesterols are good for the cardiovascular system and are essential for energy production. Delicious fruits keep your body warm and have a high fiber content, so you can feel full longer. And that’s not all. Avocado hydrates the inside and outside of the skin. This is a positive side effect, especially in the harsh winter cold.


Due to the high fiber content, whole grains and products made from potatoes and lentils, for example, require significantly more energy to digest than white bread and cookies. As a result, not only do we become full, but our body temperature also rises. In 2011, a study was published in the journal Nutrition, showing that the body produces more heat after a carbohydrate-rich diet.

Hot spices

Whether it’s chili, paprika or chili, hot spices not only refine every dish, but also have a very positive effect on our organisms. Heat stimulates metabolism and thus stimulates the generation of heat. Due to the increased energy and calorie requirements in winter, the cold is ideal for rewarming cold hands and feet.

Lean meat

Women, in particular, often have cold limbs in winter. Above all, this is also a sign of iron deficiency. Red beef, chicken and pork tenderloin are high in iron and low in fat. The body also absorbs iron better from meat than other foods. On the other hand, legumes and nuts are suitable for vegetarians. If you chew fruits with vitamin C, you can use iron better.

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