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You may have heard people say your hairstyle can change your whole look! Now we don’t know if this is actually true, but believe us, when we say this, hair color makes a significant difference!

This is an interesting alchemy that is usually overlooked, but believe it or not, the right hair color can actually make or spoil your appearance. It can brighten your face, even out your skin tone and make it feel like you’re bathed in candles!

By now you have probably heard that gray is the new black, burgundy, blond or even mahogany. But the thing to remember is that it doesn’t happen overnight; graying is a whole process.

In a recent conversation with Sarasota Coral Pleas, owner of Cutting Loose Salon, we learned a lot about the process of renewing our colored hair to gray and how to pull it kindly while you’re at it!

Yichuan Zhang / Unsplash | Bleaching your hair may be a choice for some and inevitable for others, but it takes time and is usually a long process.

In negotiations with Pleas!

Asked about the emergence of this trend, Pleas said the pandemic should be blamed for the same. If anyone has ever considered dyeing their hair gray, a pandemic was the perfect opportunity. All weddings were delayed, office work and weekend outings were canceled. So, what could be a better time to conduct an experiment, right?

Graying is usually considered more aging. People think that color will make them look old compared to their real age. To this Pleas replied that it differed from one person to another. To some it looks absolutely flattering, while to others it doesn’t. Most silver-haired beauties feel attractive, powerful, luxurious and strong in gray.

Let’s see it this way – if most of your gray locks are white, chances are you’ll look great in them because white hair stands out from the warmth of your skin tone. On the contrary, if most of your hair is dark gray (salt and pepper), it will make you look old. It tends to look older, in which case your stylist should add more reflective and flattering grays.

Velizar Ivanov / Unsplash | Most silver-haired beauties feel attractive, powerful, luxurious and strong in gray

The transition process

If you are looking forward to the fastest way to cure your gray hair, choose the easiest and most reliable option – the big chop. Choose a cute and modern pixie that would best suit the structure of your face.

The second option you can choose is a transitional hair color. The most successful application is when applying a head full of baby accents. Later, towards the end of the process, apply a dark brown color on the remaining stains to give the overall color of salt and pepper. To see the best results, Pleas advises listening to the stylist and letting him do his magic.

The duration of the ongoing transition process is determined solely by the length and condition of your hair. In some cases, your stylist may recommend that you take a few extra steps to increase the shine that would help prevent your hair from looking brass.

Oladimeji Odunsi / Unsplash | If you are looking for the fastest way to grow your gray, choose the easiest and most reliable option – the big cutlet

One last tip

For people who want to reduce their gray hair naturally, here is the cheapest, but not so cool solution for you. Allow your hair to grow naturally, which can take anywhere from about 6-12 months. We know that this can test your patience and take longer than usual, but, trust Pleas, this is the easiest and most affordable way to achieve natural beautiful grays.

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