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Despite a crisis of ketchup packages, people in the United States still love their packages of delicious red sauce. But have you ever noticed that some ketchup always ends up in the corners or bottom of the package? Well, no more! Heinz Packet Roller is here to save the day from wasted ketchup!

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Without a doubt, ketchup packages are the strangest invention ever. In addition to creating a lot of packaging waste, they also waste a lot of ketchup! Every time you use one, you end up throwing ketchup in the trash because there is some ketchup left somewhere. Thankfully, Heinz has the perfect new invention for you who love ketchup packages out there. Called the Heinz Packet Roller, of course, this new invention will squeeze every little piece of ketchup into the package! “The biggest innovation in sauce since the package itself,” Heinz claimed in the Roller message.

Heinz Packet Roller not only helps you save every bit of your favorite red sauce, it also looks great! Modeled just like a small ketchup bottle, this gadget grabs the package and rolls over it, squeezing everything in and out, whether it’s french fries, burgers or just a plate. And do not think that you only need to use it on ketchup packages! “The days are gone with fumbling with ketchup packages, pants ruined by mustard disasters and minutes taken from your life as you try to get to the bottom of the mayo package,” it says on the website. The item also comes with the package corner cutter installed – in short, it has everything you need!


“There are few things better than the unmistakable taste of Heinz and enjoying a meal with family and friends,” Ashleigh Gibson, Brand Director, said in a statement. “Our packages provide the magic of the meal no matter where people eat their burgers and fries, but squeezing out every drop is no easy feat. We designed the HEINZ Packet Roller to give fans a whole new way to enjoy their favorite spice and ensure that it the last drop is never wasted again. ”

What we do know is that Heinz plans to come out with even more ketchup packages this year. More than 12 billion will be produced by the brand in just 12 months. This change has been tested for the increased use of takeaway food and seed packages during the covid-19 pandemic. After all, it is much safer to use this variant during days with social distance. Still, this does not change the last question – to squeeze ketchup out of a bottle!

So far, the Heinz Packet Roller has been on sale from September 15 at 12 EST. Go to if you still need one, or visit Primanti’s in Pittsburgh in person.

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