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Rachel Goto is someone we can all look up to for inspiration. She is nothing short of a powerhouse. The Success Personal Trainer has been through hell and back; from losing her brother and her husband to being diagnosed with a brain tumor and having trouble doing something as simple as walking again. Despite the challenges, she persevered and developed a passion for helping others live their lives to the fullest, just like her!

Rachel is now a qualified life coach. She appeared on The Jennifer Zamparelli Show to give us her top tips for living the good life—the life she learned to live after trials and tribulations.

Goto’s road to improvement

As a highly motivated attempt to get out of an extremely dark place, Goto decided that the rollercoaster of a life she had lived was extremely powerful in the sense that through it she could help people who had experienced devastation and loss come out of him and get their happy life back.

Her choice was to begin training as a hypnotherapist. As she went along, she added several teachings to her practices. She believed that every human being is different. Therefore, they work differently! Hacks, skills, and strategies are what may prove helpful depending on an individual’s therapeutic process.

Alex Green/Pexley | Gotto started out as a hypnotherapist and slowly progressed to learning more

Her profession

Rachel speaks all the facts when she says that every person thinks their life is extremely important and they want people in their lives who genuinely care and are there for them; people who not only listen to them, but also understand them. Although Goto has trained to be an expert in a number of therapies, she prefers to be professionally known as a life coach. As a life coach, she believes her goal is to open up possibilities for everyone. She wants to make the world believe that there is a way out of every dark path and that there are thousands of possibilities. The only requirement is that one is willing to believe it instead of remaining trapped in the mind of despair.

Alex Green/Pexley | Goto’s way of helping people is by showing them the endless possibilities of the world

Her advice

Rachel started another argument by pointing out the fact that more than 70% of our thoughts are initiated in a negative sense. Most thoughts are naturally negative, and as soon as we realize this and begin to confront our thoughts, then we begin to pay attention to our beliefs as well.

Negative beliefs can be a source of lack of confidence, so the most important thing to do is to find out where our triggers lie. Rachel believes that if you tell yourself to stop every time you start thinking negatively, you can get rid of it and change your beliefs.

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