How to choose the right fruits and vegetables?

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There is always plenty to choose from in the fruit and vegetable sections of your supermarkets. We tend to pick the biggest and the nicest, but you have to be careful because you might end up with foods that are definitely big, but that have no taste! So how do you choose them without mistaking all of these foods of different colours, sizes and textures? Here are some tips for getting to know the good products and taking advantage of what they have to offer!

1. A good sweet watermelon

There are different ways you can determine the ripeness of a fruit before you buy it. By learning how to pick the right watermelons, you’ll always be able to enjoy them when in season. If you’re thinking of buying a watermelon from a grocery store, there are a few things you should know before you buy.

Count its features to find out its taste. All melons have vertical stripes extending from the two ends of the melon. If you count less than 10 motions, the watermelon will be less sweet because it won’t have time to grow well. You can also see if the stalk comes off easily if you dig your thumb into the ends of the melon and if they are particularly heavy.

2. To find a ripe avocado

Daily struggle: How do you find Le Bon avocados without paying a fortune to those ripe and pre-selected? Obviously, you have to squeeze the avocado a little to see if it’s ripe without crushing it with your fingers. A simple click should already give you an idea. Her skin should be smooth and free of impurities.

If the avocado is hard, it is not ripe enough and it will be difficult to eat. On the other hand, if it is too soft, this means that the pulp of the fruit is spoiling and may be soft on the inside. The outer surface should be smooth and dark green in color. The interior should be yellow-green or creamy white, and the texture should be hard to slightly soft.

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