How to Design a Modern Men’s Bedroom

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When designing a men’s bedroom, everything is about the right blend of style and style, yet still feel warm and inviting. Trends in men’s rooms are moving away from drab colors, all-leather furniture and dim lighting in favor of softer environments with lots of texture and less clichéd light neutrals.

Men have never been more knowledgeable about design and interiors. “The huge rise of Pinterest and Instagram has brought interior design to the public, and interior design inspiration is everywhere,” said David Harris, Andrew Martin Design Director.

Also, men are more confident than ever in their interior design ideas, and they want to show off their fashion sense. In line with that, here are some men’s bedroom ideas.

  1. Choose a striking color scheme for your bedroom. ApplyDark blues and grays (if you dare) are used on all four walls for a sleek, sophisticated look that will look great when paired with brighter colors to make them pop. A gallery wall containing prints, posters and photos can be used to break up a gloomy coloured wall. To add more texture and interest, mix and match frames.
  2. Add a chic reading nook. In a bedroom, a chair is a lovely thing. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also creates a lovely area in your home where you can read, drink coffee and reflect on life.
  3. Change bedding. Replacing bedding is the easiest way to refresh a room, while also introducing a new color scheme. Gray is an easy choice as it is neutral and stylish, however, warm tones like brown and burnt orange are also popular colors.
  4. Choose a headboard that makes a statement. Choose an upholstered headboard to add some softness to your bedroom decor. The button-down design adds a touch of traditional sophistication to any bedroom and can be purchased in a variety of styles.
  5. Select the storage as the focus. If you don’t need a full closet in your room, an arrangement like this can be a great way to store clothes, save space, and make a statement.
  6. Natural textures and colors add softness to a men’s bedroom. Men’s bedroom ideas don’t have to always be gray, black, or other moody shades. Instead, try a light and airy color scheme with lots of natural texture.
  7. Don’t forget to inject some personality into your work. Even if you want a stylish, simple environment, you don’t want your bedroom to feel uninhabited. Prints, posters, houseplants and decorations can all be used to add character to a room.

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