How To Easily Add More Balance To Your Bedroom

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Most of the time, when we think of ways to redesign or improve our home, we tend to focus on areas outside of our rooms. While it’s easy to overlook making changes to the kitchen or living room in order to accommodate guests, it’s also important to think for ourselves. After all, you spend half your life there, you can also make it enjoyable.

Your bedroom is the key to your day

Your bedroom should feel like your sanctuary, where you’re going to load up after a long day and wake up (hopefully) refreshed to face the next one. If your bedroom does not feel completely right, you may lose the balance of your day. That’s why you should make these simple and very feasible changes to keep your bedroom really balanced. Here are some easy ways to create a more harmonious bedroom.

The bed should guide the way

The bed is, not surprisingly, the furniture that usually informs the rest of the design decisions in your home. Whether you are practicing pure or feng shui, you should position your bed in a way that helps you maximize your sleep and rest time. Would you rather be in the morning light? What about being away from the door? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You can choose the bed that you find most natural and comfortable. We recommend The Bed by Thuma which has a thin frame and natural wood finishes. It incorporates Japanese carpentry that keeps it elegant and facilitates its installation in a few minutes without the need for tools. This way, if you never want to reposition your bed, you can move that bed easily without any problems.

The bed, by Thuma

The bed, by Thuma

The soft touches go a long way

More than anywhere else in the house, the bedroom is quite tactile. From fluffy pillows, warm, blurry blankets, and so fresh, crisp sheets, these little details make a big difference in the way you rest. Having the right bedding is important to make your room feel more serene.

A good way to keep pillows from falling out of bed is. having a head. You can even get some upholstery or padding that makes it very comfortable to sit on the bed with a good book before resting a bit. Thuma also offers the PillowBoard, which provides the perfect balance between a headboard and a soft pillow.

The PillowBoard, by Thuma

The PillowBoard, by Thuma

Have proper storage

Having a messy room is the best way to keep things quiet. You can keep your bedroom organized and add some aesthetics by implementing sleek storage solutions. You can get Thuma’s The Nightstand, which is the perfect size to support you by your side. It has a front sleeping drawer, a large surface and will keep your room balanced.

Thuma's nightstand

Thuma’s nightstand

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