Ice Cream Coming Here-The Best Ice Cream Places In The World

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Ice cream is one of the greatest things in life. Originally, ice cream or gelato comes from the beautiful country of Italy, as many call it. So while some of the best ice cream spots on the planet can be found in beautiful European cities, there are also some of the best ice cream spots in the world in countries you never thought of. Continue reading to find a place where you can find the best ice cream places on the planet.

Ice Cream Coming Here – The Best Ice Cream Shop in the World

Vaffelbageriet, Denmark

Copenhagen is a lovely place and is known for its excellent Danish cuisine such as Fricadera, Carbonada and Cartofler. But did you know that one of the most famous ice cream shops in the world is also in Copenhagen, Denmark? The famous gelato store is called Vaffelbageriet and is a real insider. Delicious ice cream is served in large waffle cones, covered with whipped cream and topped with chocolate syrup and other toppings. Isn’t it delicious? Just reading about it, we already want to jump on the next plane to Copenhagen and try the legendary ice cream ourselves.

Perche No !, Italy

The next legendary ice cream location on our list is in Florence, Italy. Italians are known for the famous ice cream called gelato in Italian, so how is it different? Translated perche doesn’t mean why it isn’t. This is actually a very good question. Why don’t you eat delicious ice cream? Ice cream has always been a good idea and even better to eat at one of the best gelato stores on the planet, such as “Perche No!”. We serve delicious fresh ice cream such as green tea ice cream, sesame seeds and coffee crunches every day. If you are planning a trip to Florence, you need to stop by “Perche No!”.

Grace, Sydney

The famous ice cream shop Glacé is located in Sydney, Australia. Grasse offers a variety of delicious gelato-based desserts such as “raspberry mushrooms” and “cookies and cream”, as well as many delicious things that make you happy. The special ice cream that was bought is loved by people all over the world and has been highly evaluated.

Bombay Ice Creamery, California

Have you heard of “Bombay Ice Creamery”? If not, you should continue reading now! Bombay Ice Cream, as the name implies, offers a variety of Indian ice creams that you probably haven’t tried otherwise. Visit Bombay Ice Creamery to sample amazing flavors such as chai tea, cardamom, rose, ginger and chiku ice cream.

Golda, Israel

Golda is the place of gelato in Israel and is unique. Famous ice cream stores sell flavors such as Kinderbueno ice cream, wreath ice cream, Limoncello, Lotus ice cream and raspberry white chocolate ice cream. The ice cream is topped with sauces such as nutella, white chocolate, milk chocolate and crispy peanuts. If you are an ice cream lover, Golda is the best place for you!

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