IKEA Is Testing Out A 3D Printed Decor Collection

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It may not be long before you can buy 3D printed decorations at your local IKEA. The brand is testing its new futuristic line of decorative accessories, called FLAMTRÄD, in Germany. It consists of 3D printed lattice works.

The designs feature a human head and hands

These works form shapes that look like human heads and hands comprising different postures, some of which can be used as jewelry storage.

As of now, the collection is only available in Germany and will be rolled out throughout January 2022. The price of the line ranges from 30 euros to 50 euros, which comes to about 34 to 57 dollars USD. While these prices are not high, they are certainly more expensive than normal IKEA items that most people are used to.

The price is still within a reasonable range because IKEA is able to enter the world of 3D printing, being a big corporation and all. This is the first major retailer to be introduced to 3D art pieces to bring to the mainstream market.

The pieces can be used as jewelry

The pieces can be used as jewelry

Once the brand has evaluated how the FLAMTRÄD line has gone in Germany, it plans to expand it to other parts of Europe.

This is just the first 3D product that IKEA plans to look for. The company has partnered with Access Israel and Milbat, two non-profit organizations, to plan and develop 3D printable plans for tools that can be used with IKEA products to help people with special needs and mobility issues.

These include specialized handles, a pen holder, and printing parts that help stabilize the straws in the cups. These new plans are available on ThisAbles, an online database.

3D printing seems like the next natural step for IKEA, which prides itself on easy-to-assemble furniture.

IKEA offers 3D printable plans to help people with limited mobility at ThisAbles

IKEA offers 3D printable plans to help people with limited mobility at ThisAbles

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