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Interior designer and artist Justina Blakeney is known for her vibrant, bohemian approach to interior decor. Her company, The Jungalow, is a one-stop destination for colorful, vibrant home furnishings with a folkloric edge, from handmade ceramics to embroidered mood-enhancing pillows, while her book series offers practical, accessible advice on how to apply a similar creative aesthetic create at home.

The property is specifically located in Altadena and was built in the early 1930s. It has a total extension of 2,700 square feet with all the necessary amenities. There are expansive green areas on the outside with a terrace and pool, everything you need to enjoy the outside. In addition to designing each space in the home, the family had to do a bit of remodeling, including the kitchen, bathrooms, and electrical system.

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Blakeney bought her home in LA five years ago after falling in love with the surrounding greenery and its Spanish-meets-California architecture. The three-bedroom bungalow she shares with her husband and son is a delightful tribute to her vibrant and uplifting brand aesthetics, influenced by her time living in Italy, as well as her travels to Morocco, Turkey, India and Mexico.

Details of the notable items in the house

Justina Blakeney’s 1926 Spanish-style home in Los Angeles is modest in size. “In very large houses, space is underutilized,” she says. “Here is not a room that does not get love every day.” The lounge is anchored by a tall euphorbia plant, which is similar to a cactus but requires less sunlight. The Fable rug is from Blakeney’s collection for Loloi; the curtains are from Ikea and the sticks are from Lowe’s.

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The Moroccan-inspired lounge, christened Blakeney Bluhemia, is wallpapered with Aja in Teal, one of her designs for Hygge & West. The diameter is from Jonathan Louis, and the imitation sheepskin is from Target. Blakeney’s Aja wallpaper is making another appearance in the dining room, this time in Eggplant. It’s a daring backdrop for furniture, including a set of Verner Panton chairs, hand-me-downs from her grandparents. The vintage Bumling pendant and Turkish kelim were found on eBay.

The bathroom in the main room is one of the most imaginable spaces. It is very stylish and spacious, just a paradise inside your own home. During these years, Blakeney also collected several items that worked perfectly for place decoration. Most of these items are sourced from Europe, India and North Africa.

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In the master bedroom, Blakeney designed the curved headboard with built-in bedside cabinets. The bed is dressed in a Matteo duvet cover and a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket. The rug was by Blakeney for Loloi. The ceramic pendant lamp and artwork are vintage. The wallpaper in the main bath is Nana, with Cosmic Desert in the bedroom, both by Blakeney for Hygge & West. The mirror medicine cabinet is by Pottery Barn. Blakeney uses the outdoor dining area for both family meals and dinner. She found the vintage Uzbek Suzani tablecloth on eBay.

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