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Is the Peloton Prestigious Bicycle Worth the Money?

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Is the Peloton Prestigious Bicycle Worth the Money?

In the last year, the Peloton exercise bike has become very popular. Since we’ve all been at home for an unpredictable amount of time, we need a good, reliable way to work and exercise. Of course, it’s great for those who normally go to a spin class at their gym. However, an exercise bike is great for anyone who wants to start exercising at home, at any fitness level. But Peloton seems to have caught fire, and we want to understand why. Is it worth the high price? We discuss the pros and cons.

Pros: It’s good for everyone

Peloton has something for everyone, at every fitness level. Class instructors are all different and interesting in their ways. Not every instructor will be suitable for every person, but after a week or two, find out your favorite. Every day, there are at least five newly published classes and there is an on-demand archive of each live class. Each class has a different level of difficulty that you can check first to find the right one for you. Not to mention, if you’re tired of cycling, there are other classes like yoga, HIIT, pilates, and more to get off the bike.

Pros: It’s convenient

One of the main reasons people don’t exercise is because of lack of time. If you own a Platoon, you will no longer have that excuse. All you have to do is turn on the screen, tap your username, put your shoes on the pedals, pick a class and pedal for 20-30 minutes. You don’t need to drive to the gym or interact with people you don’t want to see. There is really no excuse.

Pros: It’s great quality

According to several five-star reviews on the Peloton site, people are more than happy with the quality of the bike itself. A magazine said: “My parents have been riding their Peloton Bike for three years and they ride it almost every day. It always works like new.”

Con: It’s expensive

The Peloton Bike costs $ 1,895, while the Bike + is $ 2,495. Of course, not everyone can afford such expenses. Peloton shoes are $ 150 while the bike mat is another $ 60. Not to mention, if more than one person uses the bike, they need their own pair of shoes for sure.

Con: It’s Subscription Based

In addition to its high price, Peloton needs a $ 39 / month subscription to take classes. Without the subscription, the Peloton is more or less a stationary bike with a blank screen attached to it. It can be more expensive than a gym, but it can be quite annoying after investing so much in the product itself to pay extra fees in progress for good use.

Con: It’s slow to deliver

Many people complained about the long amount of time it took their bike to get there after placing the order. The waiting time for bicycles can vary from two to eight weeks. Peloton does not have its own delivery team, making the service less reliable.

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