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Raise your hand if you grew up watching Lindsay Lohan in movies like Herbie: Fully charged or Parent Trap. Surely you became sad when she came out of the spotlight after a series of controversies stemming from her anxious attitude.

However, good news can be expected – that is, if its plans for 2020 materialize. Asked about her plans for the new year, the 33-year-old, who is now in Muscat, Oman, said she would return to her home country to focus on making films and music.

You will see her next on March 5 on the big screen as an cast Among the shadows, the first function it has done since The canyons in 2013, Lindsay also explained that she would be releasing a song after the New Year when Andy Cohen invited her for a song.

Meanwhile, this was hardly the first time the former Disney children’s star had hinted that he would return to show business. In December, she shared a photo from a 2006 W magazine article with her and award-winning actress Meryl Streep, to whom she shared the screen in Prairie companion.

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock
Lindsay Lohan looks at Meryl Streep

In the interview, the younger actress expressed how awe-inspiring she is to the veteran star and how she aspires to be seen as Meryl instead of having party girl image.

In fact, Lindsay’s repeated clashes with the law, accompanied by controversial decisions, led to her downfall. Starting as a child, star in Parent Trap, where she showed that she has an undeniable talent at such a young age, she easily became one of the most sought-after teenagers.

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Lindsay Lohan became famous for The Parent Trap.

The success of her performance as twins gave her more projects that cemented her status as a promising teenage actress. Some of her film credits include Confessions of the Queen of Drama, Crazy Friday, and always emblematic Bad Girls who went through generations to become Ariana Grande’s inspiration for the music video of Thank you, next one.

lion radin / Shutterstock
Ariana Grande paid tribute to Mean Girls

As her career took off, so did disputes, which usually involved correcting with the authorities. As such, Lindsay has never left the tabloids and has been in rehab several times.

Now Lindsay will try to become big in the industry again after unsuccessful attempts. A decade ago, the celebrity gave a chance for redemption, although the way she acted on the set of her 2013 film didn’t seem ready to return.

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