Macaroni and cheese ice cream is back

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Van Lewen Ice Cream

Remember Van Leeuwen’s Viral Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream Flavor? Well, we are finally back at stores nationwide! In addition, other striking flavors have been added to the lineup.

Macaroni and cheese ice cream is back

Van Lewen Ice Cream

Macaroni and cheese ice cream was a dangerous stunt. Still, such habits have become a staple of major brands today. A huge list of weird flavor options includes flaming hot mountain dew, pumpkin spice cup noodles, and even taco-flavored jelly beans. So Craft and Van Lewen’s Craft Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream wasn’t the crazy one. It definitely stood out as the most delicious option on the menu! The first release of 6,000 pints sold out in just one hour. Fans loved the new and unusual hints of classic ice cream cheese. Even the second launch wasn’t enough for an impressive audience. Since March 14, Wal-Mart has welcomed macaroni and cheese ice cream to shelves nationwide.

“We knew that craft macaroni and cheese would be a hit after tasting, but we didn’t expect it to be available at Wal-Mart across the country,” said Ben Van Lewen, co-founder and CEO of Creamery of the same name. Says. “Before making it, we saw how small artisan food producers, especially American chefs and restaurants, were fascinated by the nostalgic American food culture. This was play and now consumption. Will be easily accessible nationwide. ā€¯Emily Violett, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, agreed with the CEO. “The combination of these two iconic comfort foods provides a delicious and unforgettable experience, and we’re delighted that ice cream has become a fan favorite,” she said.

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Van Lewen Ice Cream

Apart from the already classic macaroni and cheese ice cream flavors, there are six more unusual flavors for consumers. If you still don’t know what the first one is, it’s just macaroni and cheese (without pasta). In fact, it’s sweet, creamy and cheesy. Planet Earth contains Blue Spirulina Almond Ice Cream and Matcha Green Tea Cake. Pizza is another soothing taste, with cream cheese and mozzarella ice cream added to the swirl of tomato jam and basil crust cookies in a mix outside the world. If the traditional one suits your taste, get a spoonful of hot honey. A famous vanilla ice cream with honey and honey swirls. There are also two cakes. A royal wedding cake with hints of floral, lemon and cheese, and a wild blueberry shortcake with blueberry swirls, vanilla and shortcake.

Last but not least, Bourbon Cherry Jubilee. Vanilla ice cream with the sweetest swirl of bourbon cherry compote concludes the list. Why does it only appear in Wal-Mart? Ben Van Leeuwen has determined that it is the most available option. Van Leeuwen’s goal is to spread ice cream with excellent ingredients throughout the country. “From local jam makers to wild blueberries in Maine to cookie bakeries with a social mission, we have created a collection of classic flavors using carefully procured ingredients,” said the co-founder. increase.

Wal-Mart will have a new flavor for 10 weeks, including macaroni and cheese ice cream. Still, Van Leeuwen promises to bring them back in the summer.

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