McDonald’s launches new McDonald’s flavor

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McDonald’s has announced a new chicken mac nugget flavor for the first time in nearly 40 years.

New Mac Nugget Flavor

New McDonald's product


The United States has just received new spicy chicken mac nuggets, and many are already afraid of the day McDonald’s robs them. Believe it or not, the company hasn’t released a new type of chicken mac nugget since 1983. Hopefully McDonald’s will get the chicken bumps they need in this new release. After all, fast food chicken games have been pretty crowded in the last two years.

Popeyes, for example, was acclaimed for his new spicy chicken sandwich and even won the line. result? A whopping 24% increase in sales in just 3 months! Just months after Popeyes debuted their new chicken dish, Chick-fil-A and KFC also debuted. David Gibbs, CEO of Yum Brands, who owns KFC, said:

Read on to find out exactly what McDonald’s has changed with the new Spicy Chicken McNugget!

Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget: Seriously Spicy

Spicy Mac Nugget


So what’s new in Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget? Now, they have a tempura coating breaded with cayenne pepper and chili to make them even more spicy. Isn’t it hot enough for you? Now, add Mighty Hot Sauce! Made from crushed red pepper, spicy pepper and garlic.

Linda Vangosen, vice president of menu innovation at McDonald’s, said: The company sincerely hopes that Spicy McNuggets will help the sales plummet. Sadly, coronavirus sales fell 30% and total net profit fell 68%. But it’s not just about improving sales, it’s about catching up with Jones.

Fast food rivals

New McDonald's product


As mentioned, almost all fast food companies have created new chicken dishes to compete with each other. With the exception of Wendy’s, most people have adopted significantly different strategies. Recently, Wendy’s Twitter accounts tried to make their name by endlessly ridiculing McDonald’s, Popeye, and others releasing new foods.

“I must have scraped off all the BK leftovers and hit the mcprice tag,” Wendy tweeted. These tweets seem to divide fast food fans, but they haven’t stopped them from becoming viral. Still, Wendy’s looks like a painful loser with this. People have ever loved spicy chicken mac nuggets and don’t want to see them disappear. Sadly, they will, as McDonald’s revealed that it is a limited-time offer.

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