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McDonald’s responds to viral myths about burgers

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Everyone knows that junk food and fast food are not healthy. However, McDonald’s recently needed to address a viral myth about how unhealthy their food is. Do their burgers really not rot? Read on to find out…

Viral Burger TikTok

fast food breakdown

Tik Tok

Recently, on TikTok, a user named @aly.sherb posted a video showing a burger that is said to be decades old. Even weirder, it doesn’t appear to be rotting. In the video, @aly.sherb pulls out a box from the closet that says “Hamburger”. “So you want to see my hamburger? It lives in a box in my closet,” the owner said. Take the burger out of the bag, it says 1996, TikToker shows a good looking burger. Well, good looking, considering it was legal to order drinks four years ago!

“The hamburger itself, the bun never formed, the meat never rotted or even broke, completely intact. But don’t know what would happen if you ate it,” @aly.sherb said in the video. She even kept the fries! “French fries look like they could fall under your seat for a month or so, but never rot or rot.”

Since posting the video, @aly.sherb’s exposure has garnered over 500,000 shares and almost as many comments. So, it’s no wonder that McDonald’s needs to respond…

Real or fake?

McDonald's responds to viral health myths about its burgers


Almost immediately, McDonald’s issued a statement debunking the claim that its burgers don’t rot. “Under the right circumstances, our burgers, like most other foods, can rot,” the company said in a clear statement. “However, in order to decompose, you need certain conditions — especially moisture. Without enough moisture — either in the food itself or in the environment — bacteria and mold may not grow, so decomposition is impossible.”

“Similar results may be seen after food prepared at home is dehydrated. Look closely, and the burger you see is likely dry and dehydrated, and in no way ‘same as the day it was purchased,'” the company continued. “There are no preservatives or fillers in our patties, the only additions are a little salt and pepper from the grill.”

Believe it or not, this is far from the first time McDonald’s has had to deal with such claims!

not the first time

fast food breakdown


Does all this sound familiar? Well, in 2015, McDonald’s posted a very similar response to Icelandic anthropologist Hjörtur Smárason. He makes nearly the same claim: His burgers and fries haven’t rotted in six years!

A year later, Jennifer Lovdahl shared a photo of the McNuggets Happy Meal on social media, which she claimed was undisturbed for more than six years. “It’s been sitting in our office and it’s not rotting, mouldy or rotting at all!!!” she captioned the photos. Every time McDonald’s insists it’s due to lack of moisture, given their location, not something in their food. After all, if it really didn’t break down at all, these guys would be fine, right?

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