Mountain Dew Releases Legendary Flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings

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Mountain Dew never ceases to surprise fans. The PepsiCo brand announces another beginner, Legend Flavor. It will be announced exclusively at Buffalo Wild Wings nationwide.

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Mountain Dew is always creating exciting products, but the March-May release is different. It’s named Legend Flavor because it’s wilder, bolder, and more legendary. Mountain Dew Legends made under PepsiCo will only appear in Buffalo Wild Wings. In fact, you can already get a black-colored drink. The first official exclusive PepsiCo beverage at Buffalo Wild Wings is perfect for chicken wings as it is a unique twist on the original Mountain Dew flavor. Legend Flavor mixes citrus, blackberry and ginger notes! Some customers are still skeptical of the limited-time release. Why does this soda only appear in Buffalo Wild Wings?

Apart from a clear marketing strategy, legendary flavors and spicy chicken wings are a perfect match! Both are outstanding and provide the perfect mix for fun sports games. When will you be out? Search for selected locations in your fast food restaurant chain to see if they serve the original drink. Follow BWW and @MountainDew on Twitter and Instagram for the right information. These accounts will post announcements as soon as the location becomes available to MTN Dew Legend’s services. Soon, by mid-May 2022, all Buffalo Wild Wings spots should be equipped with pitch-black special equipment. So don’t hesitate to stop by today. Otherwise, faster fans can steal it from your hands!


PepsiCo representatives are also excited and passionate about the release of new drinks. They always wanted the best taste in sports food. Finally, the company has surpassed itself! Scott Finlow, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Global Food Services, said in the press: release. “Together, our goal is to improve the sporting and dining experience by having MTN DEW Legend act as the ultimate Wingman.” How they gained a great relationship with Buffalo Wild Wings. Did you do it? This is the first exclusive PepsiCo beverage in the chain, but these two companies have already collaborated before.

“We have a long-standing relationship with PepsiCo and are known to bring unexpectedly bold flavors to our fans, such as Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Flavor Sauce,” said Rita Patel, chief marketing officer of the chain. rice field. “We are excited to continue collaborating to provide a unique menu.” It is not surprising that both parties are overly excited. After all, Mountain Dew had previously released exclusive flavors. For example, Lightning for KFC, Berry Monsoon for Sam’s Club, Cyclone for Speedway, Southern Shock for Bojungle, Sheets, Atomic Blue for Kum and Go, Vibe for Witch, and finally Darkberry for Applebee’s. was. Bash.

And Mountain Dew has no plans to stop. Pay homage to the brand and continue with our limited time offer!

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