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Aren’t you tired of the minimalist style?

The quiet color palettes and minimally decorated walls were sweet for a while, but placing the same old plain decor everywhere is just a crime against beauty.

The spruce Interiors need colors, textures, patterns to come alive!

So, here’s the next big thing: Maximalism.

What is maximalism?

This style of interior design says that when it comes to decor, the brighter, busier and larger, the better. Think of eclectic furniture, valuable collections and precious photos highlighted by a rainbow of colors, styles and textures – it screams that will explode, but not quite the way you might think. This strong style consists of mixed patterns, saturated colors and excessive but carefully selected collections. Just think of the exact opposite of minimalism. While minimalism, as the name suggests, focuses on keeping the decor to a minimum, maximalism encourages owning and filling your space in the boldest way possible.

Mark Cockage A common misconception is that maximalism insists on piling up objects and cluttering rooms

It is not uncommon for maximalist interiors to feel striking or intimidating. We’ve all seen too many posts on Instagram or Pinterest that make you go NO. But remember that although you need to “expand” your space, it is more for your taste and what feels natural to you. This form of decor is much more personal than minimalism. You can hardly make your personality shine in a minimalist space. Through maximalism you can turn your home into a reflection of yourself. People are complex, complex and multifaceted. This is exactly what maximalism seeks to express.

Elements of maximalism

Here are some key features when it comes to identifying maximalist space:

  • Bold, saturated colors
  • Mixing styles like boho, eclectic and classic (often but not only)
  • Layering
  • Combine and combine colors and textures
  • Duplicate patterns in prints such as animal prints, abstractions and flowers
  • Many objects such as statues, books, works of art, etc.
  • Unique statements

Benoit Linero The strength or silence of your interior depends entirely on you

If you are starting a maximalist room, combining wallpapers, paintings, photos and carpets can be a great start. Make sure your furniture is a variety of colors and patterns. Each layer you add to your space should tell the story of the people who occupy it.

Here is a professional tip: You can use animal prints like snake and leopard to make a neutral base for your maximalist space. As the colors of the prints are not too many, mixing more models with them will not overwhelm the interior in a disgusting or noisy way.

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