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Craving some beans or soup, but everything is in cans? Maybe you are stuck on a drive and do not have any tools to open the cans. Well, there is a way to open a jar without a can opener – take a spoon to test the theory.

Open Jar With A Metal Spoon

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Although it is possible to open a jar with a knife, it has proven to be unsafe. Why not use a much safer tool – a metal spoon? After all, canned openers have not been around much, and consumers still found ways to dig into the prepared food without a special tool. In fact, canned food was served only to the military first. They used every sharp object they could find to open it. “Cut around the top near the outer edge with a chisel and hammer,” it said in the instructions on the package later when it was available to civilians. The first can opener ever was invented around the 1850s, and they were as insecure as The Huge Clone stuck out the top with its sharpness.

That was not where the can opener trip stopped. Later, the more common wheel cutter spread around. Still, the can opener that consumers use today – one that grips the jar and opens without much pressure – came into our hands only in the early 30s. Still, there is a way to tear up the jar without any proper tools. Get a metal spoon first. The plastic does not work – it is too fragile for the job. Then get ready to be careful because the lid on the jar is still extremely sharp and can cut deep through the skin.

Do it without a can opener

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There are a few steps to opening a jar with a simple metal spoon. First of all, grab it and place it on a firm surface, holding it gently with one hand. The other hand then uses the spoon. Hold it at a 90-degree angle to the jar – the bowl should be prepared by the lid, the inside meets the inside of the lid. Start creating friction between the two metals when the tip of the spoon ends up in the position between the lid and the edge of the plate. The surface of the work should be small and precise for best results. Soon enough, the sheet metal lid will yield to pressure and you will see a hole. Repeat it around the jar and get ready for a delicious canned snack.

Now the canned food is almost ready for consumption. To open it completely, use the improvised tool again. This time, insert it under the lid and push it up. Be extra careful in this step as the lid will be very sharp – use a towel or protective glove to complete the last part of the challenge. After throwing out the lid, this jar is finally open, and the food inside should be available to the consumer.

Whether it’s sweet corn to eat with a spoon, beans for a weekend meal or soup to serve at the campsite – this trick is easy to do at all times. In the end, we still recommend prioritizing safer can openers if that option is possible.

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