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Oprah Winfrey may be one of the most influential and powerful talk show hosts, but she has something in common with us: she’s not a fan of training. Yes, raise your hand if you are one of those who exercise only when necessary.

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Oprah doesn’t like to train

While that may be the case, the philanthropist said the end was always worth it. Oprah’s revelation of her hatred of exercise is a common problem among those who want to get back in shape or just stay fit and healthy, but she said that sometimes the path to a better life means doing things you don’t you love by all means.

The 65-year-old explained that many people find it difficult to love exercise, patiently waiting for them to finally learn to do so, but that time may not really come. Instead, you need to accept the fact that this process is what you need to fix.

So, if you find it difficult to cope with your fitness routine, remember that you are not alone. Although we know that it should be done regularly, it is easier said than done.

It is quite difficult to get up and move and this is the harsh truth. Again and again the tension is not between you and the machine, but between you and yourself.

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Oprah went through the yo-yo diet phase

That is why it is important to find the will to stay active. For example, always remember the fear of health that made you change your life, so if you feel sluggish, keep in mind that exercise may not be glamorous, but the result will ultimately help you avoid a recurrence of the terrible situation in the future. .

This wasn’t the first time Oprah had opened up for fitness. It was open to suffering from the yo-yo effect or when your body enters an unhealthy cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

However, Oprah said that she is now far from the difficulties in this trip because she has reached an ideal weight. The media mogul also advised everyone who goes through the same path to check if they are focusing holistically – on their spirit, mind and body.

Other stars who hate training

Meanwhile, the influential celebrity is hardly the first to express her hatred of the exercises.

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Sofia Vergara sees training as a punishment

Gabriel Union is a person who has a swaying body, but still hates to train. IN The Bad Boys II the actress said that she goes to the gym only because of shame for the body.

Modern family Star Sofia Vergara calls the exercises a punishment because, unlike other celebrities who like them, she says it torments her.

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