Parenting 101: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Style

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Remember the time in 2018 when Kylie Jenner generally silenced the radio and everyone was in a panic? What we later found out was even more shocking – the youngest billionaire was expecting her first child with beau Travis Scott. The couple announced the birth of their daughter in an 11-minute, 33-second video titled “for our daughter”.

There was speculation that Jenner was expecting it but since she was out of sight, no one could confirm the news. The couple welcomed their first child, Stormy Webster, on day oneSt In February 2018 – and after all these years, she is finally on the verge of becoming a big sister.

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Kylie and Travis weren’t shy about the cameras this time around and very quickly broke the announcement that Jenner was expecting baby number 2. There are no further details about the baby but the couple broke the news through a video montage.

But this time, Jenner-Scott fans have put the puzzle together before the announcement, all thanks to Kylie Jenner’s nails. Yes, some fans have turned to TikTok to find potential loopholes suggesting that Kylie once again stayed out of the media due to pregnancy but they didn’t have to wait long this time around.

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Now that their daughter is 3 years old and they have a baby on the way, it’s safe to say that Jenner and Scott have learned a few things about parenting. Here are two years of the Jenner Scott duo on parenting:

1. Keep it natural

In an interview, Scott mentioned how the couple likes to keep it natural and have a more neutral approach to parenting. They don’t really have restrictions but they make sure to fully communicate with each other.

2. We stick together

Despite having an on-and-off relationship, the couple’s priority is their daughter and they don’t let their differences affect their time with Stormi. Staying connected and harmonious, the pair are consistent when it comes to their daughter.

3. Prepare it for the world

Having famous parents is difficult because the media and paparazzi are always around the corner. When Jenner sat down with Harper’s Bazaar, she mentioned that she takes her time when it comes to preparing Stormi for the world and, more importantly, the internet.

Instagram, Kylie Jenner | Due to the nature of their situation, negativity in general often comes their way but being able to control it is what matters the most.

Congratulations to Kylie, Travis, and Stormi on welcoming another family member in 2022.

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