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The Princess Diana documentary is a perfectly timed documentary to fulfill the insatiable appetite of the Diana industry. “Spencer,” directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, is a 2021 historical fiction and psychological drama inspired by Princess Diana. The movie shows how Diana liberated herself from her royal life which made her very popular, and rather became known as a star as a beloved among people.

It sketches the oppression she faced that put her under pressure and killed her in the end. There is no mention of her childhood or adolescence period or where she received her education, insights into her family, or her parents’ divorce. Not even a hint of her time as a babysitter after finishing school in Switzerland, but instead the film depicts the beginning of the most important chapter of her life when she is forced to marry Charles Philip Arthur George, the Prince of Wales , to meet.

Catwoman / Pexels | The movie aims to put the audience in its heroine’s state of mind as much as it wants to capture the sense of time of the early 90’s.

More information about the movie

Ed Perkins has found a seemingly contemplative view of a royal tragedy and takes on a surprisingly balanced work while dealing with immense amounts of emotional pain and clarity to tell a story laden with deep pain.

Spencer is an intense and powerful work that has enhanced Larrain’s poetic aesthetics and Kristen Stewart, the star actor of the movie, and her performances through the tremendous performance. The film begins weeks before her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981. It ends with the Strand and her young children, Prince Harry and Prince William walking behind her coffin, surrounded by the troubled audience and pouring out sadness in every human being.

Cottonbro / Pexels | Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales on 29 July 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral in London

The footage used in the movie, any commentary or narrative is taken entirely from pop interviews, news reports or raw home videos, original recording and other public records. It creates an authentic insight into Diana’s life weeks before her tragic death in a car accident in Paris, 16 years after her engagement. It gives the audience clear emotional clarity and an honest and unfiltered picture of the events and the power that brought the beloved and favorite public woman to a fall.

Why was the public obsessed with Diana?

Nathan Engel / Pexels | The late Diana, Princess of Wales, was born on July 1, 1961 in Norfolk as The Honorable Diana Frances Spencer.

It’s not just the public, but the whole world was and still is obsessed with Diana and her story despite the very intricate versions offered by the media. Perhaps Diana was the victim of the royal family and suffered mainly due to her cold marriage to Prince Charles and his alleged relationship with Camilla. Yet she will always be known as a charismatic rock star and an icon of empathy. She became known as “the people’s princess” because she was recognizable. Diana showed the world her emotions, and the world could see that a beautiful young princess could be unhappy.

She grew from a shy girl with a noble British background to transform herself into a beautiful woman who showed love and empathy to the world. She visited the people living with AIDS in a hospital when politicians and other important figures did not want to go near them. She used her platform to give the citizens hope and spread sincere happiness worldwide despite her many mistakes and conspiracies. She was truly “the people’s princess”.

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