Restaurant Owners Offers Burglar A Job

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Diablo’s Southwest Grill / Facebook

Most of us would feel angry if a burglar broke into our business. But not this restaurant owner – he had compassion and understanding! Now he offers a job to the man who broke into his grill!

Burglary at the restaurant

Diablo’s Southwest Grill / Facebook

Carl Wallace from Augusta, Georgia, did not expect to come to his restaurant and see the glass door smashed. But that’s exactly what happened at Diablo’s Southwest Grill in Augusta. Somehow Wallace did not feel angry when he saw the pictures of a man carrying some valuables from the restaurant. Instead, he wanted to help the thief. So the owner decided to give him an honest way to make his money. “Our burritos are such a huge success that we have people breaking in at 4 in the morning to fix it. So if you see our door looks great on Wheeler Rd, that’s why,” Wallace wrote on Diablo’s Facebook page. “To the future robber who is obviously struggling with life decisions or has problems with money … please turn around for a job application. There are better opportunities out there than this path you have chosen. No police. No questions. Let’s sit down and talk about how we can help you and fix the path you are on. “

Wallace even decided to take it a step further and place his phone number on the page, making it easier for the criminal to get in touch. He later stated that the culprit escaped with only a few buckles. That was what made the owner realize the level of the man’s desperation. He risked so much breaking in, but only escaping with a few dollars, barely enough to scrape together a meal.

Give the burglar a real job

Diablo’s Southwest Grill / Facebook

Of course, some felt that Wallace should not have extended the olive branch. But most Facebook users loved the gesture, and so do we. Just take a look at the thousands of positive comments his posts received. Many even said that they would now stop for a burrito, all thanks to Wallace’s good deed. “Wow, what a compassionate, humane move. Definitely make a note to come in and grab a bite next time we’re in Augusta,” wrote one user. “I hate that this happened to you but your response was a perfect demonstration of the humility we all need. My family loves Diablos and we eat it often. This has cemented our support for your establishment. Prayers for all involved,” wrote another.

At the same time, Wallace does not see himself as a hero or anything like that. He’s just saying he’s trying to make the world a better place one burrito, or person, at a time. “Instead of having the normal answer of being angry, we decided to reach out and say that this is a bad career path that you are on, and we are willing to offer you a job if you are willing to change what you are. I do in life. I can not fix the world, I can not save the world, but I can make a difference in a person’s life, says Wallace. “So I took that approach … this Easter weekend, to try to take the divine approach to the situation. “

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