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Is it too late for us to find out that Queen Elizabeth, who has just celebrated her 96th birthday, is a die-hard fan of jazz music? On top of that, the legendary American jazz musician Duke Ellington appears to be on her playlist. What later became clear, however, was that the monarch did not love Ellington as a singer.

She rather loves jazz music. The Daily Mail reported that the Queen had once met British legendary jazz musician Gary Crosby. She made him “so happy and comfortable” when the monarch expressed her heart about her love of jazz.

Bio / American Jazz legend Duke Ellington appears to be on Queen Elizabeth’s playlist.

Later that week, Crosby went on BBC and revealed the Queen’s love and passion for jazz. It seems that the 96-year-old queen has been listening to jazz music since she was a child. Crosby went on to talk about receiving the Queen’s Medal in 2019. He was then the first British jazz musician to be awarded by the sitting queen. Crosby received the medal at Buckingham Palace in the hands of Queen Elizabeth.

What music genre does the 96-year-old queen want to reinvent?

Guadua Bamboo / Together with Duke Ellington and Crosby – the jazz legends – Queen Elizabeth dreams of reinventing acoustic instruments.

Furthermore, the host of the program asks Crosby more about the queen, her taste for music and her favorite singers. “For whom does she (with reference to the queen) like the blues the most”? Ask Cerys Matthew, host of the program. “No doubt, Duke Ellington,” Crosby replied, shaking his head smiling. The British jazz legend further discussed how “surprised” he was when he sat with Duke Ellington and Queen Elizabeth. “It was surreal,” Crosby recalls. “We sat there and we had some casual conversations. At one point, the queen came up with the perspective of ‘reinforcement of acoustic instruments’. That was the moment I thought to myself, ‘Is this real?’ Why can Queen Elizabeth talk to me about some reinforcements? ”

BBC / Crosby was “deeply impressed” by Queen Elizabeth’s attitude and will be “forever grateful to her”.

Similarly, the British jazz legend further remembers that it was a wholesome experience to represent an audience of 60,000 people listening to the re-enacted version. At one point, Queen Elizabeth smiled and questioned, “how difficult will it be for 60,000 people with massive speakers trying to listen to the re-amplified instruments?” Crosby also remembers laughing together and spending “such a wholesome moment.” Crosby remembers the wholesome moment when the Queen asked him ‘innocent’ questions and both of them had a wonderful time together. “At one stage I even doubted the moment. I thought to myself: Really queen! Is that you? But to be very honest, I owe a lot to her majesty that made me so happy, ”Crosby concludes.

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