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Some people like a little thrill in their life, so they try to live an extraordinary life. One such person is Rob, who abandoned his house to live on the road. He later revealed to the media how he decided to turn his cargo van into a living space on wheels. Rob said he first came to life on wheels while recovering from colon cancer; he was in the hospital and couldn’t move for two weeks. During this time, he became hooked on videos of van life.

Igor/Pexels |The best part about living in a van is that you can take it anywhere you want.

Rob and his van life

At first Rob thought living in a van would cost him a fortune, but then he discovered cargo vans. He had various options, ranging from a sprinter to a school bus, with a price range of $4,000 to $20,000. This was affordable for him. So, after being discharged from the hospital, Rob moved out of his apartment and into a cargo van.

Over time, he transformed his van from a simple space into a beautiful little home. He furnished the cargo van with everything from a bed to a refrigerator. When Rob bought the van, it had a mattress and a minimal electrical system. The van has now been upgraded and has 18 different devices along with four lighting systems. Rob said the van has come a long way and he’s proud of how it turned out.

Hatch/Pexley | If you get tired of living on your street, you can just park anywhere else you like

After living in the van for a while, Rob realized how minimal items he needed to create a comfortable space. The first thing he got was a storage device, but he forgot what was in it. So, he thought of buying the things he needed. These days, Rob’s van is parked near the East River in Brooklyn, New York. He loves the advantage of being able to move to another place at any time with the things he loves. If you are bored with your street or city, you can just drive and go somewhere else. Rob says it’s like having a huge backpack that I can carry anywhere and sleep in.

Matthew/Pexels | You also need minimal things to decorate your van.

At first, when Rob moved his cargo, he was embarrassed to tell people that he lived in a van. But after sharing his experience with people, Rob realized that people consider bath life an adventure. When Rob moved out of his apartment, he lied to people about living in a van. If someone asks Rob where he lives, he’ll say it’s too far, but he’ll have to take a train to get there. Now that he has overcome his shame, he has a new vision for it. People tell him it’s the coolest thing in the world and he couldn’t be happier.

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