Safety concerns about eating raw meat

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Among several other celebrities, Heidi Montag is outspoken about eating raw meat. In addition, she was photographed on the street with a piece of it. But is the raw meat diet safe? Let’s chew.

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Heidi Montag was seen eating raw meat on the streets of Los Angeles. She took her raw bison heart out of the Ziploc bag and munched on the go. Why is the 35-year-old reality star obsessed with the idea of ​​a raw meat diet? Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt believe that it helps to conceive a second baby. Celebrities have categorized this trick as her new diet trends and interests. In addition, she entered the anthropology, especially based on the idea of ​​what people have to eat. “When considering where the most nutrients that humans can biologically use without toxins are, organs are a very nutritious part of animals. Culturally, organs are an important part of life. Eating the liver will save as many nutrients as possible. “

Thankfully, she agrees that eating raw meat, like sushi fish, is a risk. “I happen to like eating sushi-style organs.” Hill: A new beginning The star commented. How did she come up with that idea? The celebrity mom looked up her carnivore diet and found Dr. Paul Saladino, who inspired her to try her raw. “I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half. I want to try different things,” Montag said. Apart from her goals, her diet has given her more energy, increased libido, and improved chronic pain. As for her taste, Montag had to adjust – now she’s okay to eat raw liver and even the testicles of a bull.

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Of course, eating raw meat has its strengths and weaknesses. Many who tried it noticed an improvement in their quality of life, as Montag claimed. They also felt they had more energy and easily nailed many tasks daily and weekly. However, people suffering from various GI (gastrointestinal) problems say they have better digestion. Consistent visits to the bathroom and no stomach ache also lifted their mood. Like libido, stamina grew up for those who eat raw meat. While eating raw meat has its advantages, there are safety concerns about its diet.

When meat is uncooked, individuals are more prone to food poisoning. Simply put, eating raw steak can lead to food poisoning. This type of food can transfer bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins to the human body. Meat is infected during slaughter. If the process is not careful, the animal’s intestines will be severed and spread potentially harmful pathogens. These pathogens include Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, and Campylobacter. Therefore, consumers who are interested in consuming raw meat should be careful about their diet. Children, pregnant or lactating women, and the elderly should not try it at all! How can I make meat safer? Choose whole meat, not minced meat. In-house ground steaks and meats are best for eating raw.

Eating raw meat or with cooked steak is an important choice. Evidence of health and nutritional benefits is very small compared to risk.

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