Super bowl snacks made with air fryer

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The Super Bowl had already passed the finals, but it’s time to make Game Night Snacks! This menu is full of appetizing foods for both meat eaters and vegetarians – and it’s all cooked in an air fryer.

Vegetarian wing

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Big companies of friends always get together on game days. Certainly some people don’t eat meat, so try a vegan recipe. The vegetarian wings made of cauliflower are classic. Have you tried making it with tofu? Lemon pepper tofu “Wings” is cooked in both an air fryer and a microwave, so it tastes like a perfect crunch and chicken nugget. And the recipe doesn’t need a complicated list of vegan items. Any American can find carbide tofu in the fridge or in a nearby store. Also, the taste is always different. It depends on the type and amount of spices the cook puts in, and the sauce selected on the side.

Mozzarella cheese stick

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Mozzarella sticks are another staple of the Super Bowl Game Nights. And while it’s okay after it comes out of the microwave, it’s best crispy when fried in an air fryer! Mozzarella cheese is sticky and stretchy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Cooking in the microwave usually eliminates the usual crispness, but cooking in the oven takes too long. Frying in an air fryer is fast and requires little effort. Fry at home when preparing for a regular Super Bowl party with friends and family. A quick tip: Get the Sprouts Farmers Market brand organic mozzarella sticks or Whole Foods 365 brand mozzarella sticks that have surpassed the insider charts.

Fried pickled red onions

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Onion rings are expensive when served at the bar. But at home, air-fried onion rings are an unmistakable pleasure, especially when made with pickled red onions. All rings have toothpicks and are transformed into beautiful and convenient bite-sized snacks. It goes well with coriander ranch dressing, but any dip sauce will do. The onions themselves don’t prepare much, but you have to go to the store to make bread crumbs and dressings. And, of course, some tears shed on the chopping board are taxes on the goodness of this frying.

City chicken

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Despite its name, city chicken isn’t even made with chicken. The appetizer in this Super Bowl is full of pork! These pork nuggets created during depression could be manufactured very cheaply. At that time, pork did not cost anything – and Eastern European immigrants shaped it into a squid-like nucleus process before cooking. Very delicious when fried in an air fryer! Depending on the size of the flyer, you can line up long skewers or attach toothpicks individually. Bread crumbs are also different. Use bread crumbs as a classic, or try spices and crackers. Serve with an apple dip sauce and the Super Bowl night will be full!

These four classic recipes should be enough to entertain a group of friends. So if the Super Bowl game isn’t that fun, at least there are delicious recipes you can share.

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