The Best Indoor Fountains You’ll Need in Your Home

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There have been a lot of home innovation projects emerging during the pandemic. One of the most popular decorating trends is indoor fountains. You often see spas use fountains to create a soothing and calming environment. For some Feng Shui experts, the flow of water brings prosperity and wealth. The sound of fountain water is a perfect way to meditate as it can help you relieve stress and manage your stress.

Here are some of the best indoor fountains for you to consider, according to Feng Shui experts:

  • Alpine Mirror Falls

One of the best features of this indoor fountain is the relaxing sound of cascading water. Once plugged in, this fountain will transform your home into an oasis of tranquility. The sound of running water is pleasant and quiet, and the motor is not as loud as many other fountains on the market.

There are also soft halogen lights on the bottom of the mirror to add to the ambience, and the lights can be easily replaced when they go out. Despite its height, its narrow width will make this object fit into your house. It’s also designed to keep water from splashing out of the pool.

  • Sunnydaze Ceramic Tabletop with Orb Design

This indoor fountain is so beautiful that every time you turn it on it will make you feel like you’re somewhere in Hawaii. Modern sunnydaze ceramic table top water dispensers are mostly made of 0f durable ceramic in a rich color palette.

Water gradually pours down from the top of the sphere and into the basin below, making a gentle and soothing sound. However, due to limited water capacity, you may need to refill every two days, especially if you live in a hotter climate.

  • Kenroy Home Spillway Slate and Copper Indoor Table Fountain

This indoor fountain has a modern look. Its geometry is matched with natural/green slate and real copper, giving it a striking silhouette. Natural stone is one of the most effective ways to incorporate the feng shui aspect of earth nurturing and grounding into your home, which is the main reason why this stone fountain is one of the more popular options for indoor fountains.

The fountain is small enough to fit on a tabletop. Since the pump is easy to maintain, it is very easy to keep up with. The fountain also offers a soothing and audible sound of running water, which is a bit quieter than some of the other fountains on this list.

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