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Confused about whether to dine onsite and make the most of your time at the beach, or eat off the resort? Travel is a package deal. You can try new drinks and foods. You can travel without leaving the resort. Gastrotourism is becoming more and more popular, and most travelers agree that their travel experience is shaped entirely by the help of food. Today, we’ve listed all the resorts that offer a unique experience where you can become a foodie without leaving the resort.

Quintessence Hotel, Anguilla

The Quintessence Hotel is the perfect choice for those looking for luxury. Boasting stunning views of Long Bay Island, this five-star hotel allows visitors to enjoy the summer sun in style. Other amenities at these resorts include his 24-hour chef, waiting for requests at any time of the day. The gourmet experience you get at this resort is world-class dining. Choose from 4 options for the dining area and let the chef provide you with excellent wine and food pairings.

A 24-hour chef is at your service at Pixel/Pixel | Quintessence Hotel.

Caribbean Hilton, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the easiest Caribbean destinations for Americans to reach, with no passport requirements and no connectivity. The Caribe Hilton is located in a gorgeous and historic neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is home to the first Pina Colada ever made. That’s why guests never think twice when ordering a fruity cocktail. With 10 restaurants at the Caribbean Hilton, foodies visiting this beautiful destination are sure to have a great experience.

Pixel/Pixel | This resort has a total of 10 different restaurants

W Punta de Mita, Mexico

A gorgeous Mexican Pacific beach just 10 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. The beach has over 200 miles of shoreline and after starting the day with morning coffee on your private balcony, you can enjoy the day on your own private beach. This resort has several fine dining options. But the best of the best is the Mesa 1 Tequila Experience. This is a beautiful experience that takes place in the heart of a private island resort where you can enjoy an outdoor chef’s table.

Nicole Mickaloo/Pexels | Chef Table provides the ultimate foodie experience you need

So which of these three spots was the winner?

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