The best wedding dress trends 2021

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While some may argue that the best wedding dress is one that is traditional and elegant, others say the bride should choose something unique and something trendy. From short fringes, feather embellishments to open backs and romantic sleeves, the glamorous options for brides are truly endless. Take a closer look at all the top wedding dress trends that were big in 2021.

The best wedding dress trends 2021


An open shoulder dress is definitely one of the most romantic choices. The versatile neckline flatters almost all body types, and can also be adapted to any silhouette, from a tight-fitting mermaid dress to a beautiful ball gown. This neckline also works with any type of fabric, which means you can wear this design regardless of the wedding dress. It can also work with any fabric, which means you can wear this design regardless of the theme or style of the wedding.

Colorful flowers

2021 was a year full of stunning colors and flowers. From embroidery to 3-D rosettes, the possibilities for this type of style are completely endless. Whether you’re thinking about being a little more traditional and adding a simple note of color or you’d rather work with a pastel floral wedding dress design, why not? Summer or winter, this is a really beautiful, refreshing look. Future brides are looking for something different, this is a great choice.

High slits

Looking for something a little bolder compared to a boring, traditional dress, stylists warmly recommend going for a high-slit dress. In fact, Youth Fashion Week 2021 brought so much sex appeal with dresses that had both high and low slits. For brides who want to show off a bit of skin with a silhouette that lags behind curves, this is definitely the dress for you! You will surely leave your guests completely speechless.

Feather ornaments

Another huge trend that many brides loved this year is feathers. Regardless of the season or style of dress, feathers are the perfect decoration that truly adds such beautiful details. For brides who want to walk down the aisle and look truly glamorous, you should consider adding feathery embellishments to your wedding dress. Not all wedding dresses need to be exaggerated or very bold, there are many dresses that come with delicate and playful feathery details and accents.

Short dresses

This next option is not traditional at all, however, short edges seem to be in vogue right now. This is especially the case for brides who want to show off their beautiful pair of shoes. A short wedding dress is also a great choice for all types of wedding events such as rehearsal dinner, banquet and even bridal shower. There are so many benefits to wearing a short wedding dress, such as eliminating the risk of destroying your train. Not only are they appropriate, but sometimes short dresses are much more comfortable. You can opt for an hem that falls just above your knees or one that touches your ankles.

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