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You don’t need a genius to know that the finer things in life come at a huge price, which is why rich people get first-class accommodation and hotel rooms. However, there are a few tricks that can help you grab this luxury room without burning a hole in your pocket, here’s how:

Benefits of being a travel writer

How many times have you searched for articles about a tourist point before booking a flight? You’ve probably read blogs or recommendations about your destination and where to stay when you’re there.

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Being a writer means that you can create or break the image of a hotel

These pieces are most often written by travel writers who went and stayed on their own. Therefore, they know where to go, how much to bring, where to spend day and night and where to stay.

Here’s how writers can help stimulate business, so it’s safe to invest in them because their words matter. As such, they are usually provided with first-class services and rooms, although you may have to wait a little longer, because you must first build your reputation before brands and the public can trust you.

Stay away from peak days

Most people want to get out of work and book their stay for Friday and Saturday. However, not only do you have weekends, which means that there are many people who book for the same slot – it just means that your choice is the peak slot.

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If you can, choose a Sunday slot

If you took your economics course, then you would know that the higher the demand, the higher the price, which means that the price of your stay increases. If you can adjust your vacation, try to book accommodation on Sunday, because this is a time when others are just leaving and preparing to return home.

Until Sunday, luxury hotels may be virtually empty, so they will offer discounts just so there are no dead day. Therefore, you can take advantage of the promotion.

Do it yourself

If you’re busy and can’t plan your vacation months in advance, you may have chosen travel booking sites that make things easy. What you don’t like – you just wait for the day, get on the plane and go directly to your hotel.

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Instead of booking sites, you can book a hotel yourself

However, what you don’t realize is that there is a huge difference between the prices on the booking site and if you have booked the place. This is because these sites receive a discount or share for each hotel reservation, which is why the prices are higher than usual.

So instead of leaving everything to a booking site, try to take the time to do the planning and booking yourself. Maybe you can even make a theft deal!

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