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In an unexpected move, Madonna listed her Hidden Hills home for $ 26 million. This sale of the beautiful home comes just a year after she bought it from The Weeknd. The highly regarded singer remained the owner of The Weeknd’s former for a year and twelve days and threw it into the market.

Madonna bought it at the Weeknd last year for $ 19.5 million. Reports indicate that the residence has undergone drastic renovations and the touching hands of the Material Girl have taken the residence to another level.

Wire guard / Regardless of the size of the house, it looks expensive. Reports the Street Wall Journal.

It is pertinent to mention here that as luxurious as the house is, it is expensive. Reports of The Street Wall Journal revealed that the home was only $ 19.3 million last April – when The Weeknd owned it. But still, the 12,500-square-foot residence is screaming its price out for every inch of land.

Peek into Madonna’s $ 26 million home today

Luftika / The Material Girl’s touching hands contributed to the grandeur of the house.

The property is located on a large piece of land as it covers about 12,500 square feet. It has 11 bathrooms (9 full and 2 half) and nine full-size bedrooms that extend through the balcony. The rooms are painted completely white, and the built-in bookshelves add to the sumptuous design.

The French-style doors and windows open onto the backyard and provide a wholesome bird’s-eye view of the entire property. The windows open directly to the sun. In the mornings Madonna sat in her bedroom and baked in the sun for a decent amount of time. “This is one of the most wholesome moments. I feel inwardly relaxed and arguing while the sun’s rays embrace me, ”she claims.

HGTV / Every inch of the home is carefully cared for and it’s worth every penny.

Since all the rooms are spacious, the bedrooms allow the morning sun to stretch through the entire residence. However, the balcony also has a sitting area – which is lavishly decorated – to sit under the direct light of the sun. The sitting area is wide and has plenty of space. The foyer is double height of the blocks and gives a royal entrance to the first floor of the house. Similarly, Madonna’s contemporary home has two kitchens, two dining rooms and expansive seating areas that contribute to the grandeur of the home.

The Street Wall Journal reports that despite the demands, no major renovations have yet taken place. The report alleges that the contemporary home underwent a drastic renovation in 2017 when it was owned by a Canadian guy named Tesfaye. Madonna, however, added some subtle things to the house. Some of them are a gym, a singing and dancing studio, and 2 swimming pools. Together, of course, these are great additions to the Weeknd’s former home.

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