These are the things flight attendants can’t stand that Fliers do

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There are over 45,000 flights a day in the United States alone, which means about 3 million passengers travel each day, according to statistics from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This means that with so many people traveling, the flight attendants will have seen almost everything. So when a Twitter account called Two Guys on a Plane asked, “Flight attendant, what’s your biggest pet peeve on a plane?” several flight attendants were ready to go with answers.

Flight attendants Share what annoys them the most

The account is run by two flight attendants who are married and met, of course, on a plane. Their account tracks a lot of obnoxious passenger behavior, but this time they decided to see what others have experienced. The results did not disappoint.

One of the first responses that came out was: “We’ll start: passengers wearing noise canceling headphones and yelling ‘what’ when you try to talk to them.” On a related topic, another user tweeted in response: “How about people who don’t even wear headphones and play their videos, music, video games, kids movies for us all to hear?”

Another response was: “Putting backpacks in bins when we specifically tell people it’s a communal area and is for large bags and putting them under the seat in front of them”, which we can imagine just causes unnecessary logistical problems and shuffling luggage at the most stressful moment of the flight: boarding.

A lot of strange behavior has to be put up with

A lot of strange behavior has to be put up with

Another flight attendant tweeted: “Switching seats without asking (when assigned a seat).” This can cause a lot of confusion and anger among passengers, which of course the flight attendants need to moderate.

A flight attendant shared this crazy tweet describing what passengers are throwing down the toilets, which includes: “diapers, bottles of liquid soap, wedding rings and mobile phones in the toilet. I had to get all the stuff out of there.”

While stretching is generally recommended during long flights, one flight attendant pointed out an annoying thing many passengers do: “Gelly Yoga. I absolutely hate it when people mistake our kitchen for a yoga studio,” added another: “Once I came back to the galley in the service center to find a woman doing headbutts. Uh, no… we’re working in here, thank you.’

If you travel by plane often, try to keep these things in mind. Cheerful flight attendants are highly preferred, and when they’re not annoyed, there’s a much better chance of getting help quickly, while being cautious is the right thing to do.

Maybe Leave the fancy yoga for the ground

Maybe Leave the fancy yoga for the ground

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