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Fast food restaurants around the world are struggling to find employees in the post-pandemic world. Now more and more people are trying to find out why. Recently, the world found out which fast food places need to change their way of treating their employees …

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Of course, by now you’ve probably heard of fast food restaurants facing a severe labor shortage. Some argue that this is because people do not want to work when they can earn more on special pandemic unemployment. Others say it has to do with the fast food world’s working conditions: small wages, average customers, long working hours and the like. Of course, as always, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. However, we are beginning to understand that working conditions can play a greater role in the equation than was first thought.

So fast food experts and industry analysts teamed up with multinational investment bank UBS to see who treats their employees the worst. The team took into account salaries, benefits, leave, turnover rate and Glassdoor employees’ reviews for all the country’s large restaurant chains. And they did not just look at the latest information – the team went all the way back to 2011. So, who are the biggest perpetrators? Well, Dunkin ‘Coffee, Sonic and Chipotle have the least satisfied workers in the fast food industry!

And that was not all they found out …

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While UBS and the team identified the worst fast food companies, they also looked at fast food places, pizza, coffee and casual eateries. While it probably comes as no surprise, full-service employees had higher satisfaction scores than fast-food workers – tips will do it!

However, the team announced a very surprising revelation: believe it or not, the satisfaction of fast food workers is actually higher than it was before the pandemic. It is right! But as Washington Post, pointed out, this could be the result of several fast-food workers quitting over the past few months. In April, 5.6% of restaurant workers left their jobs. Although it is not ever a record for the industry, it is very high and almost twice as high as the rest of the US economy. The high closing rate is an “indication that employees in the restaurant industry are leaving their jobs to seek opportunities for higher wage levels – in both other sectors and other restaurant concepts,” Gordon Haskett’s analysts said in a separate report.

To get a first-hand account of what is happening, Business Insider talked to a Starbucks worker who recently quit his job. While she had worked there for two years, she only recently had the opportunity to find another job. But she quickly found a new job, and she does not look back. “It took me a day to find a better job,” she said.

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