These foods make you more tired

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Are you always tired and tired? Can’t I keep my eyes open at work? You don’t necessarily have to be sleep deprived or lack of exercise. Dieting also contributes to how you feel healthy and attentive. Read here which foods can make you tired.

These foods make you more tired

Empty and simple carbs

Basically, carbohydrates are not a bad thing, they are the number one source of energy for your body. But it depends on what form of carbohydrate you consume to keep you efficient and not slow. Simple, empty carbohydrates, such as those found in white flour products, sweet particles, cakes, or sweets, provide energy to the body but rapidly raise and lower blood sugar levels. This makes the body tired. Due to lack of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, the body is not adequately nourished. It’s better if you rely on complex carbs. These are, for example, B in whole grains, spelled, oatmeal, legumes and vegetables. Dietary fiber is also saturated and blood sugar levels only rise slowly.


Crispy muesli for breakfast, fruit yogurt in the meantime, and a chocolate bar in the evening. All these sweet temptations are real energy robbers. Since they are full of industrial sugar, they can spike blood sugar levels, but they can drop it again soon as well. Result: We fall into a deep hole and feel tired and tired.

Fried food

Hamburgers, french fries and pizzas are literally heavy on your stomach. For optimal digestion of food, the body pumps blood into the stomach. Problem: To process heavy, high-fat foods, the body needs much more blood than vegetables and low-fat products. And it is this blood that we lack in our heads. We actually switch off and get tired.


Ready-made smoothies on supermarket shelves often contain large amounts of sugar that quickly enter the blood. As a result, blood sugar levels rise rapidly and fall again, just as quickly, and fatigue spreads. You should prepare your own smoothie at home. It can be used with, for example, B. vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, and excellent protein sources. As a result, it saturates for quite some time!

White flour

Foods made from white industrial flour make you tired: white bread, wheat rolls, toast, as well as pasta and pizza. And for similar reasons, which also applies to sweet dishes, white flour is made up of sugar or short-chain carbohydrates, giving the body a short energy boost, but quickly lowering blood sugar again.


For some people, after consuming alcohol, they cannot sleep all night, which can make them tired and sluggish during the day. Alcohol also removes water from the body, thickening the blood and transporting less oxygen through the body. This also leads to fatigue. Therefore, to prevent dehydration, drink moderate alcohol and drink plenty of water.

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