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For many, freezing temperatures are a reason to shy away from running shoes and sportswear. However, exercise is particularly important for our body in the winter. Read here how you can also do your favorite sport or what alternatives are available to you.

These sports are winter

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One of the most popular winter sports is obviously skiing. Endurance sport is particularly exciting for anyone who otherwise enjoys running. The sliding movement is gentle on the knee joints, while at the same time the whole body is formed and the resistance is promoted.

Indoor swimming

You can swim all year round – but nothing makes it more comfortable to swim in the warm water while it snows outside. To get excellent training effects, you have to swim around 300 to 500 meters around. Endurance, the upper body and arms are formed, while all the blood vessels are well supplied with blood and the joints are spared. Sometimes you can combine this with a weekend of wellness.

Ice skating

Ice skating is almost like dancing. Whether on an icy lake or in the gym: ice skating is really fun, but at the same time it is extremely exhausting. You don’t need to drive in the mountains to do this, but you still have a special winter sports experience.


Not only spring and fall are ideal for walking. There are special winter hiking trails that also make it possible to walk in the winter. At the same time, make sure you pay attention to the right equipment – shoes with a profile, sticks and warm clothes. Those who prefer to explore the snowy mountain landscapes can also go on a snowshoe hike.


You can play squash all year round, since it takes place in a room anyway. But who wants to be in the summer? In winter, on the other hand, pumpkin is popular and ball sports consume a lot of calories because you are practically constantly on the move. Depending on your weight and size, burn about 480 calories in 30 minutes. At the same time, you need a lot of tactics for squash. The ability to perceive, decide and act can be useful to you in your work and in other areas.


Those who like to climb in the summer will not do without it in the winter. You can hang out year-round in indoor climbing halls. The whole body is stressed and mobility and coordination are promoted. The positive effect is that climbing requires a certain amount of planning and analysis, which increases your concentration, ability to solve problems and your self-confidence.


Sledding doesn’t just bring back memories of childhood – it’s just a lot of fun. At the same time, it also loses a lot of calories, because first, the sledge has to climb the mountain in some way.

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