This Amazing Ikea Bench Will Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

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Ikea is seriously the best solution for inexpensive home furniture. What would we do without it? Plus, who can resist these amazing Swedish cinnamon buns they sell?

Upholstered chair

For a fraction of the price of designer furniture, you can get high-quality pieces from Ikea, the only problem is that you have to assemble them yourself. While Ikea does a great job of producing sleek, minimalist pieces, what ends up happening is that many of our living rooms end up looking the same.

A great way to avoid this is to put your own spin on the affordable pieces you get from the furniture giant. By doing this, you can take Ikea’s simple designs and transform them into truly amazing furniture.

Benches are a wonderful addition to the home. They make great accent pieces and are extremely versatile. Ikea sells a good, sturdy wooden bench that can serve many purposes, but lacks a certain character.
Here’s a great tutorial that will show you how to take this somewhat lackluster grouping and take it to the next level of home decor.

Bench decoration idea
Bench decoration idea

What you will need

  • this Ikea bench
  • Staple gun
  • 1 inch foam
  • Lining fabric for quilting
  • Fabric of your choice

Step 1

First, measure the top of the bench and cut the foam to make it a little bigger.

Step 2

Then measure the stuffing to fit the foam square and cut it, adding 2.5 inches to each side. Next, cut the lining fabric as well as the cloth of your choice.

Easy and simple DIY
Easy and simple DIY

Step 3

Place the stuffing liner fabric on the foam on top of the bench. Staple the edges of the stuffing to the bottom of the bench. Make sure you line up the edges of the foam with the edges of the bench and that the padding is snug.

Upholster The Chair
Upholster The Chair

Step 4

Place your chosen cloth on top of the stuffing and repeat the previous step. Make sure everything is lined up perfectly and the fabric is properly stretched across the bench. Staple everything. Place the legs of the bench and enjoy your beautiful accent piece!

The Final Product
The Final Product

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